2019 Winter Gathering Registration is Open!


30th Annual NM Men’s Wellness
Winter Gathering

February 21–25, 2019

A Time to Wipe the Slate Clean

Uwe Schroeter and Lawrence Cook

  • “To make a fresh start, for example by forgetting about previous differences and disagreements.” — wikipedia.org
  • “To forget all the things that have happened or been done and start doing something again . . . to start again from the very beginning” — Merriam-Webster
  • “reinen Tisch machen” (to clean and/or clear the table) — German Translation

With every season comes the opportunity to take stock, to reflect, and—if necessary or to mix things up—to start fresh. Due to fewer hours of daylight, colder temperatures, and hopefully fewer distractions, winter can be a particular good time to build a fire, to look inward, to rest and reflect, and to get ready for the growth and renewal of spring. Or do we follow the same diet year-round, vacation in winter where the temperature never drops below 75°F, keep ourselves awake with caffeine, lift our mood through alcohol, comfort food, consumerism, etc. to compensate for the darkness and/or because our modern culture tells us so during this time? Are we trying to move at the same speed month after month regardless of the season? What are the consequences of having no winter in our lives? For those of us who sit in front of a computer screen all day, what are rest and renewal anyway?

Please join us for the 30th NMMW Winter Gathering to ponder these and your own questions during joint outings and evening talking circles. Please be prepared to share your personal experiences on the balance of our lives between the seasons (or the lack thereof). We will be active during the day, starting with morning meditation and/or Qigong. We will have outings into the surrounding wilderness on snow shoes and skis. We will play games, listen to and make music, and prepare and share communal meals. Registration is now open. For more information please contact:

Uwe Schroeter uweschroeter@comcast.net (505) 352-9258
Lawrence Cook rlcook44@msn.com (505) 898-2206

Registration is now open. 

A downloadable flyer (Acrobat PDF) is available by clicking on this link: 2019 Winter Gathering Flyer.  A registration form is included with the flyer. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested in participating.

A one-page registration form is available by clicking here. This form may be printed out and mailed in by postal mail or filled out with Adobe Acrobat Reader, saved and sent in as an Email attachment.  Both types of address are included in the form.

Date: February 21-25, 2019
Cook’s Cabin, Blanco Basin, CO
Arrival: Thursday or Friday
Departure: Sunday or Monday

Charges (please pay by cash or check at Cook’s Cabin): $30 per person per night.  Please bring groceries for shared meals.  Please voice your opinion on your registration form on the coordination of the preparation of breakfasts and dinners.  Lunches will be each individual’s responsibility.

Due to space limitations, there is a limit of 20 participants.  Registrations will be accepted on a first‐come, first-served basis (with a waiting list beyond that).  Please send your registration form as soon as you can.

Please mail or email the completed Registration Form to:

Via Regular Mail:

Uwe Schroeter
Apt. No. 2824
6800 Vista del Norte Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Via Email:


After your registration form is received, we will contact you with directions and other details about the weekend.  For more information please contact:

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