The 25th NMMW Anniversary volume is now available


ck-ghost-ranchAt the 25th Annual New Mexico Men’s Wellness Fall Conference, we were presented with an incredible 25th Anniversary volume celebrating NMMW activities over the past quarter century. As one who is relatively new to Men’s Wellness (and who was expecting a small simply printed volume) I was blown away by this 96 page soft-cover book with over a hundred images (most in color) that outline the rich history and growing traditions of men who, at their core, want to heal and bring that healing into the world in which we all live (that so desperately needs it).

Pat Sauer started assembling this volume for the 20th Conference with the core being Michael Hopp’s interviews of the first conference leaders (through 1998). Five years later, the project (with the help of many others mentioned by Pat in his Dedication and Acknowledgments section linked below) has blossomed into a celebration of the last 25 years with an implicit challenge for us to continue and expand what we have started into the next 25 years and beyond.

A hundred volumes were printed, and about half of those were snapped up at the conference. This means we have some available for those of you who were not at the 25th Fall ConPainting Ghost Ranchference. They are available for $25 each (just slightly more than printing costs).

Books may be picked up from Pat Sauer in Albuquerque or David Pease in Santa Fe, or they can be mailed to you (with another $4.95 to cover postage and handling costs). To give you some idea of what is in store for you in this great book, some sample PDFs are linked below for your reading and viewing pleasure:

This is just a small sample of what you will find in this book. Some of the additional material included are excerpts from Man, Alive!, newspaper clippings, poetry, stories, history and tons of photos from Winter, Spring and Summer gatherings.

Be sure to get your copy soon. There are a limited number available, and if there is a next printing the price per book Summer Flagswill have to go up (since we got a deal on this first run).

The book is available for pickup in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. In Albuquerque, contact Pat Sauer by phone at 505.559.6040 or via Email to to make arrangements. In Santa Fe contact David Pease by phone at 505.438-8906. Cost is $25 by check payable to “New Mexico Men’s Wellness”.

To order a copy by mail, your check, made out to “New Mexico Men’s Wellness” for $29.95 should be sent to:

David Pease
2503 Calle De Rincon Bonito
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Don’t miss out on this unique and memorable volume.

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