Dear Men€™s Wellness Leader:

The New Mexico Men€™s Wellness 25th Anniversary Publication is being compiled for presentation at the Fall 2009 Conference. We want to include current comments and insights of all the conference leaders and have attached a short questionnaire as a guide. You may, of course, respond in any way that best captures your feelings and experience as a conference leader.

It is our hope to receive responses by the first week in September. Anything you can send before that time would be appreciated. (You may also attach images €“ preferably with dates and content info.)  Please email to me at An attached Word.doc is fine, or you may just lop off my intro letter and reply in text within the email.

Those from whom we do not receive a response will be included in the conference listing with their year of leadership and the theme. If you are one of  the former leaders who responded to my request for the 20th Anniversary project (which I never completed) I thank you and can certainly use that material. Even so, I would appreciate your up-to-date insights and comments for the 25th.

Thank you for your many contributions to Men€™s Wellness and for your response to the questions listed below.


Patrick Sauer

Guide to Response:

  1. Name
  2. Profession, job, passion
  3. Year you were conference leader
  4. Theme you chose and why
  5. How and when you were introduced to Men€™s Wellness
  6. Challenges, satisfactions, insights, disappointments etc. in leadership role
  7. Memorable events, outstanding or poignant moments at your conference
  8. Ideas about the present and future of Men€™s Wellness
  9. Anything (or anything else) you wish to share