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Spirit, Energy, Vitality and the Tao of camping on planet Earth


Modern culture, and in particular American society, practically if not always explicitly, regards professional achievement, wealth, material goods, power, and fame as desirable and admirable.  Taoists, both ancient and modern, view these things as insignificant and irrelevant to true happiness and well being.  What matters most is the sort of person you are becoming and what sort of life you are living.

Learning how to relearn and reconnect to our original, yet evolving fundamental nature, not separate physically or spiritually from the natural world, is what Eastern thought calls Harmony, or “WA” in Japanese. This expansive concept, another name for TAO, can mean everything from the scientific study of the universe, psychology and politics, learning ancient ways of wisdom and Spirit, to a simple, personal understanding of the value of silence, and communing more with animals, plants, rocks and trees.

Hang out with me this weekend, and we can hike, sweat, study and eat pancakes together, enjoying the blessing of each other’s company, and the great outdoors.

The gathering will be held the weekend of July 21-24 at Jack’s Creek Campground in the Pecos.  The “official” event starts Friday, July 22 at 7 pm and continues through Sunday, July 24 at around 1 pm.  However, the camping facilities are available on Thursday afternoon, July 21. So, you can arrive early to help set up, or start early informally (perhaps with an unstructured day of hiking or lounging – on your own, or with your best buddies).  This is a total camping weekend, so participants will need to bring food and cooking gear for the weekend plus a place to sleep. (Either a camper or other vehicle to sleep in – or a tent and sleeping bag). If you are bringing a vehicle or RV, please note there is a large parking lot but no hookups.


Registration is open.

To register online click here where you can fill out a form and pay with a credit card or PayPal. If you’d rather register by sending your contact info and a check by postal mail, click here instead.

Gathering Leader Contact Information:

For questions, comments, or other inquiries (such as scholarship requests), please contact:

Jon Driscoll
(505) 757-2390

Recommend the Gathering to Others:

Please help spread the word to friends and associates who you think might be interested in participating in the Summer Gathering.  We have a downloadable two-page flyer (information sheet and registration form) that is suitable for sharing with colleagues, friends, and family who might have an interest in the Gathering and its topic.  Click Summer Gathering 2016 Flyer to download it.

Jack’s Creek Logistics:

For basic logistics information the gathering (including location, what to bring, etc.) click this Jack’s Creek Logistics link to download a pdf file. Additional, detailed information will be sent to those who are registered just before the gathering via email.

Enjoy, amigos…


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