NMMW Spring Retreat April 8-10, 2016


We Are Our Stories


Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremony (photo by Joseph Woods)

Registration for the Spring Retreat has closed on April 3.

15th Annual New Mexico Men’s Wellness Spring Retreat

April 8-10, 2016

This year’s Spring Retreat is at Hummingbird Music Camp just north of Jemez Springs, New Mexico.  Rees Bevan and Doug Booth are leading this year.


We cordially invite the men of New Mexico Men’s Wellness to the 2016 NMMW Spring Retreat, We Are Our Stories (and some of our stories are BS).  Stories exert great power.  Stories teach us of heroes and villains.  Stories help us connect to other people.  Stories build memories and teach us about the world.


Photo by Joseph Woods

How do we choose to believe a story?  What happens if the stories are misleading, wrong, or hurtful?  Can we “un-believe” a story?  Are there benefits to examining our stories?

We build narratives to make sense of the things that happen around us and to us.  We attach emotions and parts of our identities to these stories.  The stories always make sense of the chaos, but the stories are not always right.  How do we decide which stories serve us well?

Please bring your stories, your presence, and your wisdom and join your NMMW brothers for some thoughtful storytelling and self-examination in the peaceful confines of the Hummingbird Music Camp.  As always, the Spring Retreat allows time for the exploration of nature, reflection, conversation, meditation, music, and games.

Come and be part of the story of Spring Retreat 2016!


Registration has closed as of April 3 for the Spring Retreat.

This year we have an all-online option for registration where you can register by completing an online form and paying with a credit card or PayPal in a single simple step.  You may also register (as always) by filling out a registration form and sending it with a check in the mail.  Both methods include various options related to accommodations and meals that are explained there.  Registration is first come, first served based on when your payment is received.  Due to space limitations, we have allowed for 30 participants with a waiting list beyond that.

As an incentive to encourage younger men experience our retreat, this year we are offering a $50 discount to any man 50 years old or younger who is attending a NMMW event for the first time.  If this applies to you, please be sure to select the appropriate registration option on your registration form (online or mail-in) to receive the discount.

Early sign-up is encouraged (and greatly appreciated) to facilitate planning and logistics.  We will send some details about location, directions and facilities (via Email) after your registrations are received.


Hummingbird Music Camp is located a couple of miles north of Jemez Springs, New Mexico.  We will have the north campus to ourselves: a large meeting/gathering room, covered outdoor space, and dorm style double rooms.  The main campus, including the dining room where we share our meals with the other guests, is a ten minute walk from our headquarters.  The lively Jemez River runs through the camp, and the nearby forested mountains and dramatic red rock cliffs provide ready opportunities for hiking, bird watching and exploration. Relaxing hot springs are a short drive from the camp.


Lunch (photo by Jim Connolly)

Meals (included with several registration options) provided by Hummingbird are simple but substantial and begin Saturday morning through noon on Sunday.  For those men choosing to bring their own food for meals, full kitchen facilities (including refrigerator, stove, microwave and coffee makers) are available on site.  There will be a potluck supper Friday evening between 5:00 and 6:30pm before the opening session at 7:00pm.

More detailed logistical information about the Hummingbird facilities, the Friday potluck and traditions of the Spring Retreat will be sent to all registrants via Email at least a week (or more) ahead of the retreat.  One “head’s up” is that it is best for men to bring their own bedding (or sleeping bag), pillow and towel(s) since these are not automatically provided by Hummingbird.


Potluck (photo by Uwe Schroeter)


As always, we welcome all men, including first timers, to the retreat. If you know of someone who might have an interest or could benefit, please direct them to this web page at www.nmmw.org/Spring2016  or have them contact Rees or Doug (contact information below).  Included here is a printable Acrobat PDF flyer (that we encourage NMMW members to share with friends and colleagues or post for others to see and read) as well as a downloadable print-ready registration form that can also be shared and used to register.  

If any new men or existing NMMW members have questions about any aspects of the retreat, please contact Rees or Doug. We are happy to answer questions and discuss the retreat with them.

Rees Bevan
Email: rbevan@swcp.com
Phone: (505) 263-6810

Doug Booth
Email: dougbooth4@gmail.com
Phone: (505) 470-4026

Come and be part of the story of Spring Retreat 2016!

Small Circle Uwe S.

Small Circle (photo by Uwe Schroeter)


Although NMMW works very hard to keep registration fees as low as possible, we do have some funds to provide sponsorship assistance for those men who are eager to attend and in need of financial help. Those applying for a scholarship need to complete and send in both a Registration Form and a NMMW Scholarship Request Form.  Both of these forms may be downloaded to your computer (and to other devices that have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed — see link below), filled out, saved and sent in as Email attachments to Rees at rbevan@swcp.com.  They may be optionally printed and mailed to the address on the registration form.  Applicants may delay payment until the scholarship is approved and are encouraged to send everything in as far in advance of the retreat as possible.

If you need to download Adobe’s Free Acrobat Reader (very useful for lots of things including reading flyers, registration forms and stuff we will send before the retreat) please click on the logo below which will take you to Adobe’s site and assist with getting it installed:

Click to Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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