NMMW Summer Gathering August 5-7, 2011


New Mexico Men€™s Wellness 2011 Summer Gathering

At Jack€™s Creek Group Campground in the Pecos
Friday-Sunday, August 5-7, 2011

Mischke-Booth Summer Cavalcade of Philosophical Frolic


Latest Updates July 31: GOOD NEWS!  Jack’s Creek campground will be open for the Summer Gathering. The Santa Fe National Forest will be reopening most areas of the Forest including the trailheads and trails into the Pecos Wilderness on August 1.  Campground fire restrictions have been reduced such that we will be able to build camp- and cook-fires and hold the sweat lodge on Saturday evening.

Doug will alert all those currently registered via Email over next few days about the appropriate logistics.  Anyone interested in attending who is not registered should contact Doug by Email ASAP so we can plan accordingly (and deliver important information to you).

Our general theme will be €œAdapting to Change in a Brave New World.€  How this theme is developed during the weekend will be (as always) up to us.  Jim Mischke and Doug Booth will be leading this august gathering of men in the woods.

Registration fee includes space rental, firewood, and sweat lodge for $25.  We encourage a voluntary scholarship donation for future NMMW events.  No t-shirts (but we may some optional wardrobe surprises to don).

Jack€™s Creek Campground is at the far northern end of civilization (at the end of the road) on the edge of the Pecos Wilderness.  It can get quite warm (bordering on hot) during the day, can rain at any time, and can get very cold at night, so come prepared for everything.

It€™s a campout. Bring the usual Jack€™s Creek equipment, including a pen and notebook. Bring a water bottle.  Be mindful of changes in temperature and weather at high altitude.  Bring warm clothes.  Drink lots of water €“ good drinking water is available on site.  Bring a water bottle, bowls, plates, eating utensils, pot scrubber and snacks to share.  Water spigot and pit toilets are available €“ bring soap.  Frisbees and other sports stuff are always welcome.  Essentials: Warm sleeping bag, air mattress, tent, lantern, boots for hiking, rain gear, sun block, mascara, sunglasses, bug goop (no sprays, please); sun and rain hats are seeming €œmusts.€ (Aluminum foil hat will preclude annoyances from extra-terrestrials).  Be aware of solarization/sun burn.  Bring a joke, a story, and a good heartedness.  We€™ll all share what we have.

General processes to shape up during the weekend

  • Doug will lead a hike up into the Pecos high meadow country €“ about 3 hours. Bring day pack, GPS, sextant and/or bread crumbs.
  • Doug will lead the sweat lodge ceremony.
  • In conjunction with the sweat lodge, there will be a Fire Ceremony for those who prefer not to sweat.
  • Bocce ball for one and all (balls to be provided by Doug).
  • Doug will offer a discussion on taking direct action as a means of reclaiming our power and addressing the onslaught of corporate greed that threatens to disempower us all, a discussion perhaps best conceptualized as: €œDissent and Civil Disobedience €“ An American Tradition.€
  • Mischke will offer a discussion on factors and stats. as key indicators of threat to our species€™ survival, such as depletion of the World Food Bank, nuclear threat, exploding populatipecos-circleon, theocratic fundamentalism, global warming, various forms of pollutants, and perhaps most of all, a growing dearth of ideas and ideologies, followed by our developing personalized suggestions as to useful forms of wisdom for application (such as philosophy, psychology, theology, sociology) as adaptive responses.
  • Potluck dinner Saturday night to be prepared together in great spirits as we combine our efforts and ingredients.  Suggested dishes by last names (we can adjust this once we see who€™s coming):
    • A to M €“ main dishes
    • N to R €“ Vegetables (incl. salads)
    • S  to Z €“ Desserts €“ all with appropriate serving utensils
  • All other meals to be prepared by the hungry man, himself; bring your own with plates, cups and utensils (good drinking water on-site).

The general procedural format and mood of the gathering is relaxed.  Groups will naturally form up and leaders will emerge on the basis of interest as to how to address the topics at hand:  Effective and proactive dealing with accelerating change in our contemporary world.

All of the information contained here in easily printable PDF format plus a registration form that you can fill out on you computer and print to send in (by no later than July 25th).  To download it just click HERE. Do it now.  You’ll be happy that you did.

If you have questions, ideas for contributions you would like to make to the weekend, or anything else, contact Jim Mischke (james.mischke@gmail.com) or Doug Booth (dougbooth4@gmail.com) via Email.  

pecos-fog(Photos by Uwe Schroeter)

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