NMMW Board Meeting May 7


Agenda for the NMMW Board Meeting

May 7, 2012

The quarterly meeting of New Mexico Men€™s Wellness will be Monday, May 7, 2012, at the home of David Pease at 2503 Calle De Rincon Bonito, Santa Fe, NM 87505.  The meeting starts at 6:30pm.

Agenda Items

  • Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (8-Feb-2012; NMMW Minutes 02-06-12)
  • Approval of Agenda and selection of items to be covered from list below.

The items below are not presented in any particular priority order and may not all be covered in this meeting.  Most items below were initiated at the previous board meetings.  Where someone has suggested an item and/or taken responsibility for it, that person is indicated (in parentheses):

  • Selection of election monitor and initiation of nominating process for new and/or continuing  NMMW board members.
  • Current status of payments to Ghost Ranch for 2011 Fall Conference and 2011 Father-Daughter Gathering  and discussion (David Pease, Uwe Schroeter, Kurt Faust).
  • Contract with Ghost Ranch for 2012 Fall Conference for review by board.
  • Progress on NMMW Conference Leaders guide? (NMMW LEADERS GUIDE – assignments)(Charles Fisher & Kurt Faust)
  • Website and Mailing List report: Status of domain €œtransfer€, payment for current hosting services, any ideas and/or energy for additions and/or changes, etc.  (Jim Connolly)
  • NMMW Men€™s Support Group €œExchange€: How to best facilitate the group formation process.  Ideas, input, feedback (Invited: Lon Rankin, David Breault, David Kuenzli)

All members of NMMW are welcome to participate in the meeting, but for planning purposes we ask that those who are not members of the NMMW Board of Directors please RSVP to the Board Secretary, Jim Connolly (jrc347@gmail.com), to confirm their intention to attend the meeting.

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