NMMW Board Meeting May 6, 2013


Agenda for NMMW Board Meeting

Monday, May 6, 2013

  • The quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of New Mexico Men’s Wellness will be on Monday, May 6, 2013, Meeting starts at 6:30pm.
  • Location: The home of Mike Pedroncelli at 6735 Guadalupe Trail NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107.  Phone: (505) 343-9433; Email: mikepedroncelli@yahoo.com.

Agenda Items

  • Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (4-Feb-2013; Link to PDF below)
  • Approval of Agenda and selection of items to be covered from list below.

Items below were initiated at previous board meetings.  Individuals connected with particular items are indicated (in parentheses):

  • Spring Retreat Wrap Up, financial report and evaluations (Robbie Beck)
  • Leadership Suggestion for MW Annual Events (Charlie Lamson & John Gervers):  Leader with Co-Leader to take over leadership the following year?
  • Strategic Planning and Outreach Report and Recommendations  (Mike Pedroncelli);  Possible joint venture with Young Fathers of SF,  ABQ?
  • Small Group Support Committee Report and Recommendations (Dave Breault); List of ongoing groups; List of individuals seeking groups; Possible small groups forming in Colorado.
  • Fall Conference Update (Mike Pedroncelli & John Gervers)
  • Director and Officer Liability Insurance for NMMW (Robby Beck & Charles Fisher)
  • Website Report (Jim Connolly): Transfer of ownership status, Paypal options
  • Items Related to the Leadership Guide and related NMMW policies as discussed in the minutes for the 4-Feb-2013 board meeting including:
    • Progress on budget history and guidelines for NMMW events including Spring Retreat (Uwe), Father-Daughter (John G and Jim C.), and Summer Gathering (Robby & Jim C).
    • Development of a formal policy regarding scholarships – how they are accounted for, solicited, policy for use of surplus scholarship funds (should there be any).  Draft to be developed by Charlie Lamson, John Gervers and Robby Beck.
    • Remaining leader guide sections needing completion (refer to 4-Feb-2013 Minutes).
    • Progress on electronic compiled version of the leader’s guide (Charles F. & Jim C).
  • Preparation for Upcoming Board Elections prior to Fall Meeting: Selection of an election monitor, nominating process
  • New Business

NMMW Minutes 02-04-13

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