NMMW Board Meeting January 23, 2014


New Mexico Men’s Wellness

Meeting Agenda

  • Date: Thursday, January 23, 2014, 6:30pm
  • Location: Phil Davis Chapel, 4207 San Isidro NW, Albuquerque, NM

Agenda Items

Items below are numbered for easy reference.  Items 1 through 8 are recurring agenda items.  Items 9 through 12 are Old Business ongoing from previous board meetings, Items 13 through 15 are New Business.   Individuals connected with particular items are indicated (in parentheses):

Recurring Items:

1.  Approval of Minutes (Uwe)

2.  Approval of Agenda (Charlie)

3.  Treasurer’s Report (Scott)

4.  2013 Fall Conference Report (Mike)

5.  Outreach and Long Range Planning Committee (Mike)

6.  Small Group Support Committee (Charlie)

7.  Leadership Manual Update (Jim C)

8.  Website and Technology Update (Jim C)

Old Business Continuing:

9.  D & O and General Liability Insurance (Robby)

10.  Executive Committee (Robby)

11.  Upcoming Events (All)

12.  Solicitation of other donations to NMMW (All)

New Business:

13.  One Day Recruiting Event (OLRP Committee)

14. Policy on Selling and Solicitation at Events (John G)

15.  Schedule and Location for 2014 Board Meetings (Charlie)

Attachments (All Acrobat PDFs):

NMMW-Minutes 10-26-13

Bylaw Ammendments approved Oct 26 regarding the Winter Gathering and Elections

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