NMMW Board Meeting August 3 10, 2016


The meeting of the NMMW Board of Directors will take place on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at the offices of Action Disability Representatives in Albuquerque at 6:30pm.  The office is located at 630 Manzano NE Suite A, Albuquerque, NM, 87110.  This is two blocks west of San Mateo Blvd, and a half-block north of Lomas Blvd. in the “near” NE Heights of Albuquerque.

All are invited to attend, listen in, and bring comments and suggestions for how we can work together to make NMMW even better.  We ask that non-board members indicate their intent to attend in an Email to John Gervers (johngervers@gmail.com) or Stephen Poland (sfpoland@q.com) at least a couple of days in advance of the meeting.

Some copies of the agenda will be available at the meeting.  Revised minutes from the previous meeting (April 10, 2016) are posted here; the link will be found at the bottom of the page.

Agenda for Meeting

Recurring Items:

  1. Approval of Minutes – April 10, 2016 Board Meeting – Steve
    a. Brevity and Timeliness of Minutes
  2. Approval of Agenda – John G
  3. Executive Committee Actions – John B, Jim
    a. Computer purchase
  4. Treasurer’s Report – John B, Jim
    a. Transfer of Treasurer Responsibilities
    b. Hiring an accountant (Resolution 2016-1, 2016-7)
  5. Small Group Support Committee report – John B., Howard
    a. Identification of contact persons
    b. Survey of small group members re email list (Res 2016-2)
  6. Outreach and Long-Range Planning Committee report – Robert

    Old Business

  7. Adoption of Couples Gathering as NMMW event – Howard
  8. Payments to Members for Services – Robby
    a. Summer Gathering tent proposal
    b. Fall Conference T-shirt contractor (Resolution 2016-11)
    c. Fall Conference audio contractor proposal
  9. Member Access to Email List and Website – John G, Doug
    a. Clarification of Resolution 2016-12

    New Business

  10. Proposals for New Events – John G.
    a. Father and Sons Gathering
    b. Evening events
  11. Upcoming Events: Fall Conference, Winter Gathering, Spring – Robby, John G
    Gathering, Father-Daughter, Couples Gathering
  12. Next meeting date and location – John G
  13. Other New Business – All
  14. Adjournment – All


Printable Documents (Click on links to download and/or read):
Agenda for this Meeting: NMMW Agenda 08-03-16
Minutes from the October 24 Board Meeting (subject to approval): NMMW Minutes 04-10-16

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