NMMW Board Meeting August 22


Agenda for the NMMW Board Meeting

August 22, 2011

The quarterly meeting of New Mexico Men’s Wellness will be Monday, August 22, 2011, at the home of David Pease at 2503 Calle De Rincon Bonito, Santa Fe, NM 87505.  The meeting starts at 6:30pm.

Agenda Items

  • Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (NMMW Minutes 05-16-11)
  • Approval of Agenda and selection of items to be covered from list below.

The items below are not presented in any particular priority order and may not all be covered in this meeting.  Where and individual has suggested an item, that person is indicated (in parentheses):

  • Review and approval of Scholarship Application form to be ready for use for the Fall 2011 Conference  (Phil Davis and scholarship committee)
  • €œHow To€ Guide for NMMW Conference Leaders €“ any progress to report?  An outline with tentative €œassignments€ to sections will be discussed.  (Charles Fischer, Shell Goldman and subcommittee)
  • NMMW as Fiscal Agent?  A conversation was to be started with Gary Carlson about this to see how this might be structured, and if it is necessary and reasonable.  (David Pease)
  • Website and Mailing List Report.  Any progress from last meeting?  What is best method for setting up a donation vehicle for NMMW? €“ Paypal and special €œdonation€ bank account?  (Jim Connolly, David Pease)
  • Alternative venue investigation.  It was decided that some research should be done into alternatives to Ghost Ranch before the 2011 conference?  Report of volunteer committee to visit sites and investigate: Gaylon Duke, Scott Dow, Shell Goldman and David Pease.
  • Fall Conference planning report (Shell Goldman and others)
  • Elections €“ report on taking this over from Victor La Cerva for this year (Barry Cooney)

Ongoing Discussion of around the Future of Men€™s Wellness: Issues raised in the last board meeting:  How do we motivate new and existing leaders?  How do we develop new leaders who remain connected?  How do we expand our vision into the community, and open ourselves to new ideas and activities?  Can we act to expand the network of support groups for men?

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