NMMW Board Meeting, April 12, 2015


The next meeting of the NMMW Board of Directors will be on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at Hummingbird Music Camp in Jemez Springs at 2:00 pm after the conclusion of the NMMW Spring retreat.  All who are interested are welcome to attend and participate.  Listen in, bring your comments and suggestions for how we can work together to make NMMW even better.  We ask that anyone wanting to attend, let John (johngervers@gmail.com) know ahead of time (by no later April 8) than so he can get you directions.

Some copies of the agenda will be available at the meeting.  Revised minutes from the previous meeting (January 20) are posted here along with the printable agenda; the links will be found at the bottom of the page.

Regular Items:
1.  Approval of Minutes from January 20 Board Meeting (Uwe)
2.  Approval of Agenda (John)
3.  Treasurer’s Report (Arlen)
4.  Small Group Support Committee (Jim) including update identification of Santa Fe coordinator,  group practices, and listing of members on NMMW Email list.
5.  Outreach and Long Range Planning Committee (John, Mike P.) including committee membership and status of “Men’s Challenge” event.

Old Business:
6.    Online Registration (Jim)
7.    Agenda for Board Retreat (Robby)
8.    Leadership Guide (Charlie)
9. Mario’s Hinojoza Fund (Robby, Charlie)
10. Upcoming Events (Jim, Mike P., Uwe, Charlie)

New Business:
11. Appoint Executive Committee (John)
12. Next meeting date and location (John)
13. Other New Business (All)
14. Adjournment (All)

Printable Documents (Click on links to download and/or read):
Agenda for this Meeting (NMMW Agenda 04-12-15)
Minutes from the January 20 Board Meeting (subject to approval) (NMMW Minutes 01-20-15)

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