NMMW Annual Meeting October 20, 2012


Agenda for Annual Meeting of NMMW

Saturday, October 20, 2012

  • Time: Meeting scheduled to start at 3:15pm and conclude by 5:15pm.
  • Location: Ghost Ranch Conference Center at a location to be determined (in conjunction with the 28th NM Men’s Wellness Fall Conference)
  • This is the annual meeting of New Mexico Men’s Wellness and all interested men are invited to attend and participate.

Agenda Items

  • Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (6-Aug-2012; See link below)
  • Approval of Agenda and selection of items to be covered from list below.

Old Business:  The choice of items to be covered and their order will be set with the approval of the agenda.

  • Announcement of results of the NMMW Board election (Charles Fisher). (
  • Progress report on NMMW Conference Leaders guide (Charles Fisher, Kurt Faust)
  • Website report (Jim Connolly)
  • The NMMW Men’s Group Support Committee (David Breault)
  • Discussion about future directions of New Mexico Men’s Wellness (All)

NMMW Minutes 08-06-12
(Plus this agenda: NMMW Agenda 10-20-12)

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