NMMW Adopt-A-Highway Project


9:15 a.m., Saturday, March 24, 2006
I-25, Exit 233, Alameda Blvd. (new location)
Meet in the Ramada Inn parking lot on the NW corner of the intersection

Come join us for this biannual men’s wellness community service project. We’ll have some fun and good camaraderie pickin’ up paper, cans, iron bars, old bottles, etc., or some other collectible items. Dutch treat lunch at noon.

So, meet us for the New Mexico Men’s Wellness Adopt-A-Highway Project
at 9:15, Saturday morning, March 24th.

Please let me know if you’ll be there.
RSVP to Bob McMain, @ 248-1001 or RoadRunner36@comcast.net

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