Support Group Resources

The intent of this page is to provide links to resources for men who are :

  • in a support group and want to make their group more effective,
  • are considering joining or starting a support group, and/or
  • are interested in learning more about these types of groups.

Although Men’s support groups are active today, up-to-date online resources for peer-led Men’s support groups are fairly rare.  For this reason you will find both online resources and links to printed materials that are not (usually) free.  The links below are what we have found so far.  Keeping with the particular mission of New Mexico Men’s Wellness, our focus is on peer-led support groups (as opposed to groups for specific therapeutic purposes or particular agendas such as addiction and recovery).  We plan to add some of our own material that we are developing and whatever we discover as this resource grows.  The annotations are ours and are likely to change as we delve deeper into the resources we have listed.

We are interested in expanding this resource.  If you are reading this page and know of something you think should be listed, please send an Email to ( with the details and we will review the site(s) contributed and include them if we deem them appropriate.

Resources Specific to Men’s Support Groups:

Circle of Men — the Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups
This is not an online resource, but rather the online link to where you can purchase the just released (September, 2015) and long overdue re-issue of Bill Kauth’s original manual on Men’s Support groups.  The core of the original book is probably the best guide to starting and developing your support group with lots of ideas for keeping things strong and vital, and the revised edition includes 5 new chapters related to the Mankind Project which Bill helped to found.  This is a book that should be in any support group’s library and at $20 it’s a bargain.

Men’s Group Manual
This website is the online abbreviated version of Clyde Henry’s relatively new book “The Men’s Group Manual” published in 2013.  While the full book is more comprehensive (and a very affordable resource available through for $12), the website contains a lot of very good information that would be useful for both new and ongoing Men’s support groups.  Particularly useful (to me) are the sections on “Topics and Themes” and “Meeting Activities” since coming up with new stuff can be a challenge.  The section on “Starting a Men’s Group” provides a good step-by-step startup guide.

Men’s Groups: Care, Feeding (and Starting)
A fairly rangy blog with lots of contributions in 2007 and not much since, but some of the contributions are interesting and provide much food for thought.  Someone in an existing support group is likely to find some interesting topics for conversations in by cruising the material in this blog.

Resources for General Men’s Issues (including Support Groups):

Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute
Based out of St. Louis, MO, Don Jeffries’ Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute provides resourses to men to in different areas concentrating on Fatherhood, Male Sexual Trauma, Violence Prevention and Gender-related issues; his website provides useful online resources for men dealing with these issues, and includes a link to his excellent blog on these topics located at

A massive (thus fairly difficult to sift through) site with tons of resources for men.  Includes book reviews, events, father-related materials, links to different types of groups (very limited for peer-led support groups), and literally thousands of links to resources.  The site started before the age of Google and the avalanche of instant keyword searches, but there are still things to be found here that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Sacred Lifeboats – Riding the Waves of America’s Shadow
Bill Kauth is the author of “Circle of Men” which has just been re-released with some new material.  He went on to be one of the founders of the Mankind project.  For a while now, Bill and his partner Zoe Alowan’s have been working on building “Sacred Lifebosts” — community structures designed to help people connect and survive the current dark times in which community has been largely replaced by exploitive commerce, excessive dependence on fossil fuels, deteriorating environmental conditions and broken democratic structures.  While beyond the frame of Men’s support groups, the kind of respectful shared communications fostered by Men’s groups can be a core starting point of what makes the Sacred Lifeboat a possibility in our troubled times.  There is much food for thought here.

We Need Each Other
“We Need Each Other” is the title of Bill Kauth & Zoe Alowan’s new book, and deals with many of the aspects of what it takes to build a “Gift Community” within the context of today’s severely dysfunctional and broken societal structures.  As well as providing access to the new book (available by donation), the website also provides a lot of background and useful information on the concept of gift communities.


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