Men’s Support Groups

Want to join a Men’s Group? 

  • Click on Join a Group to give us your contact information. We’ll call you, meet with you first (if possible), then connect you with a group.

Confidentiality is very important to us and we assure all men looking for groups that no personal information received will be shared with anyone outside the committee that connects men to groups (including other NMMW members or officers). Information offered is only used to facilitate connections between men and groups open to new members.

Are you already in an existing Men’s Group? 

  • If you are a member of a group, and you’d like to let us know about your group, especially if you’re open to new members, click on Information about my Group to go to the group survey form.

Confidentiality is VERY important so please don’t disclose the names of group members without their explicit permission.  Information offered is used primarily to facilitate connections between men and groups, and anonymously share group success tips with other groups.

Men’s Support Groups

Men’s Support Groups are probably the single most effective way to develop meaningful relationships with other men.  The type of relationships that we seek and create in these groups are not usually found in normal institutions of our consumer-oriented top-down society.  Development of these relationships requires conscious group effort to promote the open and supportive sharing that are at the core of an effective support group.  Men’s Wellness seasonal events are important to develop the men’s community as well. But, Men’s Support Groups do that on a much more regular basis – providing the “glue” to hold us together as a community of men.

The NMMW Men’s Support Group Committee was formed in 2012 and has been meeting regularly since December, 2012.  The purpose of this committee is to acknowledge the importance of Mens Support Groups (Talking Circles) for men’s health and growth in general, and as an important part of the NMMW community in particular. One of the main parts of our work is to connect existing support groups that are looking for men with men who are looking for a support group.  

The work of this committee includes:

  • identifying existing groups and systematically communicating with them;
  • connecting men to ongoing groups;
  • assisting in the formation of new groups;
  • supporting ongoing groups,
  • developing and supplying resources for groups.

Currently the committee has six members (John Bishop, Jim Connolly, Barry Cooney, Jon Dirscoll, David Kuenzli, and David Robertson). John Bishop is the current chair.  Jim Connolly acts as the “tech support guy” for the committee, working with John to “field” and direct requests and questions that come in.  David Breault and David Kuenzli are both professionals with experience creating and supporting Men’s Support Groups and act as advisors to help the committee do its work.

Since formation of the committee, we have identified 28 groups with a chosen NMMW affiliation (mostly in Albuquerque and Santa Fe but also in Las Cruces and Southern Colorado) and developed lines of communication so that we can assist in placement of new members in those groups if needed.  We have collaborated in the formation of three new support groups in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas, and helped place 20+ men in groups.

We have begun, and continue to evolve our process to work with the groups to understand how they operate in order to remain stable and successful. The goal is to share “tricks and tips” of successful groups with the Men’s Wellness community.  We are developing set of “links” to online resources for support groups (linked here). These resources can be used to give group members ideas about how to make their groups strong and long-lived based on what has worked for other successful groups.  If you know of some online resources that you think would make good additions to this page of support group links, please send them via email to ( and after reviewing them we will add them to the links page.

Access to and participation in Men’s support groups is at the core of the movement for Men’s Wellness.  Please help expand the connections between men and grow the male spirit by sending in a questionnaire and/or connecting with us to help in this effort by completing one of the online forms linked at the top of this page.  These forms are easy to complete and the information from the completed form is sent directly to the Support Group committee leaders. Or, send an email to for informal inquiries, comments, or questions.  We’ve also included below all of the current members of the committee and their Email addresses below should you have questions.

Thank You!

The Support Group Committee of NMMW

John Bishop, Chair (ABQ)
Jim Connolly (ABQ)
Barry Cooney (SF)
Jon Driscoll (SF)
David Kuenzli (ABQ)
David Robertson (ABQ)




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