Fall Conference 2012 – Next Planning Meeting October 5


Chimney-SunsetPlease join us for the final Fall conference planning meeting this Friday, October 5 in Albuquerque.

The meeting is at Mike’s house in Albuquerque, 6735 Guadalupe Trl NW. Dinner and socializing start at 6:30pm. The meeting is from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

At the last planning meeting in Santa Fe two weeks ago we looked at an initial, draft schedule for the Conference weekend. The Santa Fe guys provided lots of great input and suggestions, so we now have a revised schedule. We want to give Men in the Albuquerque area a similar opportunity to see the revised schedule and help improve the overall flow and adjust the details of the weekend. Also, we’re still looking for help with some of the key roles.

If you’re willing and able, please come on down!!! We still need your help.

Hope to see you Friday.


Home phone: (505) 343-9433
Cell phone: (505) 480-4371

Here are the directions to Mike’s place:

  • From Albuquerque or Santa Fe from I-25, take the San Mateo/Osuna Exit (#230)
  • Proceed west on Osuna for about 3 mi through 2nd Street (narrows to two lanes) then turn right (north) on 4th St.
  • Turn left (west) at the third street on the left, Tyler Rd. (right before the El Camino Motel)
  • Continue 1 block (0.3 mi) where Tyler Rd. ends at Guadalupe Trail.  The Pedroncelli€™s is the driveway directly across from the end of Tyler Rd.
  • Continue across Guadalupe Trl into the driveway past the red barn to the house at the back of the property.


The 2012 New Mexico Men’s Wellness (the 28th) Fall Conference will be held October 18-21 at the Ghost Ranch Conference Center in Abiquiu, NM. The theme will center around the telling and sharing of our stories and how that shapes us and binds us together.  Below is a message from conference leader Kurt Faust that outlines some ideas for the conference, and an invitation to you, the men of NMMW, to help  co-create it with us.

Hi all good men,

A while back I had the chance to travel from Santa Fe to Mexico for the weekend.  A builder acquaintance of mine needed some Talavera tile and sinks for a project he was doing.  I needed some light fixtures and needed to get out of town and this seemed like a good way to kill two birds with one stone.  A mutual carpenter friend heard us talking and decided to join in.  The three of us rode down to Juarez three-across the bench seat of late 70’s Ford pick up truck on a nice fall afternoon.  To pass the time we started telling stories.  Mostly, they began as simple stories of some-something that had happened at one time or another in our lives.  Often, they had no point other than the previous story had sparked a memory.  Over the course of the weekend the stories continued, one story begetting another.  As the stories unfolded so did our friendship.  By the time we had returned we had covered a lot of ground — more than the mileage between Santa Fe and Juarez, Mexico.  It was an amazing journey and I still remember how those stories bonded us together in such a very short time.

We all have stories in our lives — stories of our lives. We have stories of our youth, stories of love (or love gone wrong), stories of success and failure, funny stories & sad stories.  We have stories that repeat themselves (some might even be re-occurring themes).  I like that Men’s Wellness is a place where a man can tell his story and other men will listen.

I propose that the theme of the 2012 Fall Conference be about our stories and that to start out the planning process- for at least the first two meetings we will gather and tell each other stories. The stories can come from any of the numerous categories that stories can be called, but I propose we leave the categorizing for some future time when it is needed.  We will tell our stories together.  I propose that the 2012 Fall Conference will arise from our stories and that our stories will be powerful and transformative.

We will hold the first meeting in Santa Fe on or about July 20 and the second meeting soon after in Albuquerque on or about Aug 3. Details about times and locations will follow.  Hopefully with these two meetings so close together you can attend one or both of them and we can get off to a good start.

I look forward to hearing your stories soon.


Kurt Faust
505-780-1157 cell

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