Registration is OPEN for the NMMW Fall Conference, October 19-22


Registration is now open for the 2017 NMMW Fall Conference:

The Dragon


The 33rd annual New Mexico Men’s Wellness Fall Conference will be at Ghost Ranch on October 19-22, 2017. Even as you read this, you are becoming, just as the life around you is constantly changing and becoming. One day we will all be ancient voices to those who continue after us.

Join us as together we adventure through physical and mythic dimensions in the magical setting of Ghost Ranch. Through the eyes of the dragon, a powerful mythic image of “the power of life engaged in the field of time”, we will touch those men who came before us as we continue their footsteps into the future and experience this deep mystery.

This image will be our vehicle for looking deeply into the unique challenges of our journeys through life. We will write our dragon stories, collaborate with art projects, and build small group identities together.

As usual, this will be done by blending the profound with levity, and held within the safety and mindful support of the men attending the conference. You can also attend any of the optional blocks such as the Sage Ceremony, the Sword Ceremony, the Elder’s Ceremony, the Grief Ceremony, Sweat Lodges, talking circles, and several interesting breakout blocks or discussion groups. There will also be free time for solitude and time to spend with new and/or renewed friendships.

If you’re new, a few things about NMMW:

  • This is a tradition of men supporting men in a place of deep natural beauty
  • Adult men of all ages are invited and encouraged to participate.  While most workshops and activities are led primarily by NMMW elders, contributions by all men are valued and welcomed both in large-group and small-group activities.
  • A tradition of NMMW activities is that while the conference “container” is created through the efforts of the conference leaders, what actually happens at the conference is a collaborative effort that ends up growing out of the efforts of all of the participants.
  • Drug/alcohol free
  • Ghost Ranch is spartan but comfortable, with good food and well maintained facilities.  Rooms are shared with two to four persons par room with shared baths.  Tent and RV camping options are available that include meals.
  • It can be a powerful weekend, but we adhere to the rule of two feet . . . if you don’t want to participate in something, you don’t have to.

And . . . there will be many opportunities to “hang out” with other interesting men, to enjoy the natural beauty of Ghost Ranch, and to experience __________ (you fill in this blank).


Registration is now open.  Both online registration  (complete a registration form and mail it in with your check) and mail-in registration (print and complete a registration form and mail it with your check) are available.  Click on the proper button (above left or below right) to get to the registration page of your choosing.  Ghost Ranch includes campsites for a limited number of RV sites with hookups and spaces for tent campers that can also be reserved; registration forms include options for these accommodations.  There is a limit of 85 men at the conference, so all are encouraged to register as early as possible.  When the registration limit is reached, we will open a wait-list for any cancellations that may open up later.

Registration fees include all conference activities, three-nights accommodations, and all meals from Friday breakfast through Sunday breakfast.  Special food requirements including vegetarian and gluten-free options are available; please indicate your requirements on your registration form.

Online registrations will be confirmed via Email generated when you register.  Mail-in registrations will be confirmed by Email from the registrar.  All who have registered will receive additional information a couple of weeks in advance of the conference with driving directions, basic logistics, what you should plan to bring with you, and material specific to conference activities.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact the registrar, Mike Pedroncelli via Email ( or telephone (505 343-9433).  Our webmaster, Jim Connolly (; 505-550-2433) can assist with any issues that arise related to online registrations.


NMMW is committed to men of all financial circumstances participating in the Conference if they wish to do so. For this reason we encourage men who want to participate but need some assistance to make this known to the conference leader by downloading, filling  out and sending this scholarship request form to:

Wayne Mathias
605 Bledsoe Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

The form may also be filled out on your computer or other device with Adobe Acrobat Reader and sent to Wayne as an Email attachment to Wayne at  If applying for a scholarship, please complete and send in a mail-on registration form (this can also be completed with Adobe Acrobat reader and sent via Email attachment).  It should be filled out completely but the total payment should be left blank and no money should be enclosed.  It is important to submit scholarship requests as early as possible to ensure that you be considered for support.  Those applying for scholarships will be contacted with the amount of support awarded and the amount they are required to pay (this is usually a minimum of $50.00).

Got Questions?

Below is the list of Men who should be contacted if you have questions about the conference either in advance of your registration of afterwards.

  • Wayne Mathias (; 505-514-6734) is the Conference leader.  Wayne is based in Albuquerque.  Any questions about the Conference including scholarship requests, ideas for breakouts or activities you would like to help lead, or just about anything related to the Conference should be directed towards Wayne.
  • Michael Sheppard (; 505-699-6425) is the Conference co-leader.  Michael is based in Santa Fe.  Questions, comments and suggestions about the Conference can also be directed to Michael.
  • Mike Pedroncelli (; 505-343-9433) is the registrar for the Conference.  Any questions about your registration, special needs in the area of accommodations and related items should be directed to Mike.
  • Jim Connolly (; 505-550-2433) is the NMMW webmaster.  He should be contacted if you have questions or problems with the online registration process or have questions or suggestions about any aspects of the conference web page (or other web pages) on

About the Conference T-shirt

Below you will find drafts proofs of the T-shirt being designed for the Conference.  Since the T-shirts are optional we decided to give you a look at what is coming (pretty cool, eh?).  The final printed shirt will not have the black box seen in the proofs.  Though optional, we think you’ll want one, so be sure to add it to your registration as there will be a very limited number available for those who don’t order them ahead.



We look forward to seeing you at Ghost Ranch in October!

If you need to download Adobe’s Free Acrobat Reader (very useful for lots of things including completing Acrobat forms) please click on the logo below which will take you to Adobe’s site and assist with getting it installed:

Click to Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Photo credits from top down: Amiel Gervers, Joseph Woods, Roger Harmon
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