Come Play in the Mud in Santa Fe on April 25


Creative People in Collaboration and Community with Mother Earth

“Artists and Poets are the raw nerve ends of Humanity, by themselves they can do little save Humanity, without them there would little worth saving.” (anonymous tombstone in the cemetery where Jackson Pollock is buried.)

Come join us on the 25th of April 2009 10am to 3pm for a day of playing in the mud and creating art, ceremony, and celebration in collaboration with Mother Earth.

“The Earth Speaks: Remembering to Listen” which is also the title of my first collaborative book which is the story of the last 12 years of my life since I discovered that working in mud with other people bonds us to the earth and each other in truly magical ways. We lay our bodies on the earth and ask for what she would like and the images, words and ideas are so qualitatively different from what might be generated from our minds alone.

“I love the dark mysteries of the night where there are no experts to steal our sight” RFJ

The world is requesting the blessing of your presence to begin the healing of the earth and the healing of ourselves collectively.

Western culture would rather us work alone in our Santa Fe garret struggling to have ends meet when we could be working together to create art and artful solutions the problems plaguing our world.

Thomas Moore has written a book about our calling as Artist’s “Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life” the title says it all!

Or Clarissa Pinkola Estes the Jungian Artist and Curandera “Don’t let yourself die away to your callings, ideas, inspiratus…that is the breath of One greater that comes to you as, los vientos, as great winds of Spirit.

Creative life is not an option. Creative life is a drive, a fierce and relentless drive.”

Let us celebrate our coming together in community and in collaboration with the Santa Fe Art Institute and the Earth

Facilitated by robert-francis “mudman” johnson and you:

To collaborate we must learn new skills: democratic social skills and the ability of
letting go of our individual perspective for the greater good.

info robert-francis “mudman”johnson

(505) 954-4495

“in the earth there is a soul they say and you are that” Rumi

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