In October NMMW held its first “hybrid” conference involving in-person and online (via Zoom) participants.  In our November newsletter we introduce you to our new board president and officers, recap the events activities of the Fall Conference, announce our coming December 1 Bring-a-buddy in Albuquerque, call for submission of new material for the Winter edition of Man, Alive! (by no later than December 14), and announce the formation of a new Tech committee to coordinate our coming new website, social media and related efforts.  

The newsletter is in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format as produced by Mark Ayers and may be downloaded or read online or print on your printer.  Just click here.  


The NMMW Fall Conference is now online.  The link below will take you to the active page with links to scheduled activities:

Click HERE to go to the active online Fall Conference page.  

This page will remain available until the conclusion of the Conference on Sunday, October 25th.  


The Fall Conference is Happening!

Registration is now closed for the Fall Conference!

NMMW Re-Envisioned: We certainly live in tumultuous times that have disrupted our daily lives. Much of what we do has been canceled or postponed. This, however, will not be the case with the NMMW 2020 Fall Conference. The event is on! Your intrepid Leadership Team – Mark Ayers (Fearless Leader), Doug Booth (Meditation Man), Norm Dawson (New Kid on the Block), and Ray Johnson (The Bard) – have been meeting since May. We’ve decided to host a 3-day conference, Friday – Sunday, October 23-25. Our theme is “Wholeness & Vulnerability.”

The Fall Conference will be a hybrid event: both virtual and in-person attendees.  Most men will be able to attend via Zoom.  Additionally, Ghost Ranch will be providing single rooms, boxed meals, and private bathrooms. A limited number of spaces will be available, and COVID-19 guidelines will be adhered to.

More details will be forthcoming in a few weeks, but here are a few teasers:

  • 4 Soul Groups during the weekend
  • 2 Grief Ceremonies
  • Break Out Groups on Timely Issues
  • Participant-Led Workshops
  • Coffee House & Writers’ Gathering on Saturday evening

Get excited! We will be able to connect as a community this fall.


Contact information for leaders

Leader: Mark Ayers    Email:

For questions regarding online registration issues that might come up, please contact Jim Connolly via Email to

Registration for those staying at Ghost Ranch are being handled directly through Shannon Baker at Ghost Ranch.  Please see the section below on “Registering with Ghost Ranch” for contact information and options available.  

We will add to this contact list as needed before the conference.  

Fall Conference Re-Envisioned for 2020

Because of the situation with COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic, we have had to seriously rethink how we are doing this conference relative to a traditional NMMW Fall Conference.  For this reason we have developed a “hybrid” conference in which online (“virtual”) participation is combined with in-parson participation at Ghost Ranch.  Below are our general conference guidelines: 

  • You Are Welcome Here
  • Confidentially will be honored
  • Safety matters!
  • Help and Support are available
  • Take care of yourself

With an eye toward helping all to understand the organization and flow of the conference, we have prepared an outline of all planned activities and a planning schedule.  To make this available to all, we have prepared a schedule which is linked here as an Adobe Acrobat (printable) single page.  We encourage all to review this as you prepare to register.  

How to Register for the Conference

There are two steps to completing registration.  First is to register for the conference online at the link below and pay the registration fee to NMMW for expenses in putting on the conference, both for those participating in-person at Ghost Ranch and “Virtually” from your computer, tablet or smart phone from home. 

It is October 17 and registration is now closed for the 2020 Fall Conference. For those who have already registered, if you are staying on site at Ghost Ranch, if you have not already registered with them for your room and meals, please be sure to do so by no later than October 21st by calling them as soon as possible.  They are not open on weekends but will be open on Monday through Wednesday between 9am and 5pm.  

Second, for those planning to attend in person will be directed to the Ghost Ranch please follow the instructions in the next section.  

Registration with NMMW has closed as of October 17 at 5pm.    

Those attending in-person at the Ghost Ranch Conference Center, you will need to Register directly with Ghost Ranch.  Ghost Ranch will be following the NM State Guidelines for COVID-19 safety, and all participants will need to strictly follow the guidelines.

Registering with Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch was not able to set up an online registration system. Therefore, each of us needs to call Shannon Baker at Ghost Ranch. She will be able to set up your registration and take payment between the hours of 9am-4pm MST on Monday-Friday.  You can reach her via her direct # – 505.685.4881 or email

Please be ready to let Shannon know:

  • Are you staying 2 nights (Fri & Sat) OR 3 nights (Fri, Sat, and Sun)
  • If you want Dinner on your arrival night – +$14 per person
  • If you want a Private Bath, Dorm/Communal or will be Camping
  • If you will have someone else staying with you (and their contact info)
  • your contact info + payment info

Please note: When making your reservation, we strongly recommend that you do you payment over the telephone.  It is NOT secure to send credit card information via Email.  

Here is an overview of the rates:

2 nights (Friday & Saturday) – includes 2 nights lodging + 4 meals (Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner and Sunday breakfast) + $5 Conservation Fee

Private Bath/Single Occupancy – $241 per person

  • 2 nights lodging Private Bath ($95 x 2 = $190) + $46 Meal Package + $5 CF
  • 2nd person- $51
  • $46 Meal Package + $5 CF

Dorm/Communal Bath/Single Occupancy – $161 per person

  • 2 nights lodging Dorm/Communal Bath ($55 x 2 = $110) + $46 Meal Package + $5 CF
  • 2nd person- $51
  • $46 Meal Package + $5 CF

RV/Full Hook-Up with Meals – $131 per person

  • 2 nights RV site ($40 x 2 = $80) + $46 Meal Package + $5 CF
  • 2nd person- $51
  • $46 Meal Package + $5 CF

RV/Full Hook-Up without Meals – $85 per person

  • 2 nights RV site ($40 x 2 = $80) + $5 CF

Camping Site with or without Electricity with Meals – $101 per person

  • 2 nights Camping site ($25 x 2 = $50) + $46 Meal Package + $5 CF

Camping Site with or without Electricity without Meals – $55 per person

  • 2 nights Camping site ($25 x 2 = $50) + $5 CF

3 nights (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) – includes 3 nights lodging + 7 meals (Friday&Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner and Sunday breakfast) + $5 Conservation Fee

Private Bath/Single Occupancy – $372 per person

  • 3 nights lodging Private Bath ($95 x 3 = $285) + $82 Meal Package + $5 CF
  • 2nd person- $87
  • $82 Meal Package + $5 CF

Dorm/Communal Bath/Single Occupancy – $252 per person

  • 2 nights lodging Dorm/Communal Bath ($55 x 3 = $165) + $82 Meal Package + $5 CF
  • 2nd person- $87
  • $82 Meal Package + $5 CF

RV/Full Hook-Up with Meals – $207 per person

  • 3 nights RV site ($40 x 3 = $120) + $82 Meal Package + $5 CF
  • 2nd person- $87
  • $82 Meal Package + $5 CF

RV/Full Hook-Up without Meals – $125 per person

  • 3 nights RV site ($40 x 3 = $120) + $5 CF

Camping Site with or without Electricity with Meals – $162 per person

  • 3 nights Camping site ($25 x 3= $75) + $82 Meal Package + $5 CF

Camping Site with or without Electricity without Meals – $80 per person

  • 3 nights Camping site ($25 x 3 = $75) + $5 CF



Fall Conference T-Shirts Are Ready To Be Ordered

Conference T-shirts may be ordered and purchased by attendees as an option this year.  We are doing custom orders directly from the vendor.  

Please go to the vendor, Tee Public using this link to order. You can choose type of T-shirt and color. The color above is Slate.  Please note that other items are available through this vendor using the conference T-shirt image. 

One option available is a mask using the Conference t-shirt image (at left) and a variety of other items.  The vendor has been offering a discount of 30% for a limited time.   Order as early as you can.    

Ghost Ranch Dining Hall Safety Precautions

Our dining hall will be serving meals for your visit. I wanted to share that we are taking the following precautions in an effort to keep everyone safe. 

  • You will enter using the door that leads straight into the serving line. 
  • A chef will ask what items you would like and prepare your plate.
  • The chef will hand you your plate at the end of the line.
We have some tables set up inside, spread 6 feet or more apart. We do encourage folks to eat outside when possible. 
We have several tables set up outside for this purpose. 
We require that folks wear a mask when inside, except when sitting down and eating. 
You can also ask for a to go box and take your meals to be eaten elsewhere if preferred. 
Our dining hall staff is working hard to disinfect and clean surface areas all the time.
Shannon Baker
Event Coordinator
Phone: (505) 684-4881

NMMW COVID-19 Screening (For in-Person Attendees)

NMMW takes your health and the health of everyone else at NMMW events seriously.  We also recognize that many NMMW participants are elderly and may also have underlying health conditions that may place them at increased risk of serious illness as a result of COVID-19 infection.  For these reasons, NMMW provides the following screening questions for in-person participation at NMMW events.  These questions align with the NM’s Public Health Orders and CDC guidance.

  1. Are you subject to any of the state’s current travel restrictions published at this location (i.e., have you traveled out of state or out of the country within the last fourteen (14) days)?  If the answer is “yes”, you should not participate in-person in NM
    W events in accordance with NM’s Public Health Order.
  2. Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 48
    –> hours:
    –> fever above 100.4 or chills
    –> cough
    –> shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    –> fatigue
    –> muscle or body aches
    –> headache
    –> new loss of taste or smell
    –> sore throat
    –> congestion or runny nose
    –> nausea or vomiting
    –> diarrhea
  3. Within the past 14 days, have you been in close physical contact (6 feet or closer for at least 15 minutes) with a person who is known to have laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 or with anyone who has any symptoms consistent with COVID-19?
  4. Are you isolating or quarantining because you may have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 or are worried that you may be sick with COVID-19?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you should not participate in-person in NMMW events.  

For additional information see: 

  • NM Public Health Orders –
  • CDC COVID Risk –

Adobe Acrobat Reader Free Download

If you need to download Adobe’s Free Acrobat Reader (very useful for lots of things including completing Acrobat forms) please click on the logo below which will take you to Adobe’s site and assist with getting it installed:

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The latest edition of NMMW’s “Man, Alive!” for Fall, 2020 is now available for reading online or downloading (so you can print your own copy).  The Autumn is our time of harvest when the nights grow cooler and the summer growing season yields its bounty.  Click here to read and/or download the latest issue.  Autumn is a rich time: memories, gratitued, reflection, change and harvest.  We hope this this fall edition will stir edition will stir up or underscore some of these emotions.  May we all strive to contribute, to share our harvest, to welcome one another’s means of sensing the seasons. 

NMMW is a volunteer organization and we need YOUR input to make Man, Alive! and all of the other activities of New Mexico Men’s Wellness a success.  Our editor is Hank Blackwell (  Please contact Hank with any questions you may have about submissions.  There is also information about how to submit material on our website at this link

We have completed compilation of as many issues of Man, Alive! as we have been able to locate in the Man, Alive! section of this web site. You can go to the appropriate section of the pull-down menu above, or just click on this link

An important note: Man, Alive! is distributed as an Adobe PDF.  Viewing PDF files with any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.).  Printing PDF files from your web browser, however, can result in illegible garbled text.  To print the Man, Alive! issues, it is suggested that you download and install the Acrobat PDF Reader from Adobe.  It is is free and will take a little time to install, but should produce good, readable printed copies.  The download link is below: 

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