Boys to Men New Mexico Rite of Passage Weekend


April 17-19 is the BTM rite of passage weekend in the Jemez Mountains at a Girl Scout Camp west of Fenton Lake. I went to check out the facility and it is perfect, with stream, great lodging and lots of space — 1,200 acres.

If you’d like to take part in the weekend, each man is paying $150 for food and lodging and LOTS OF FUN. It can be transformative for you and the boys you help to initiate into Journeymen.

I encourage you to share your talents and skills and who you are. No commitments beyond the weekend. The boys will discover their wildmen, and you can rediscover yours — archery, horses, rituals — helping boys find their key in the MUD . . . . . no longer under their Mother’s Pillow.

We already have 24 men and will have 20 boys. Take part in creating the first Boys to Men initiation in NM. HOWL LIKE A WOLF or COYOTE!

Contact Rick Grimes at 505-603-2001 or David Rivers at 505-231-8848 before April 10.

P.S. We are going to make a difference in Boys’ lives. If you can’t come, please make a financial donation to

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One Response to “Boys to Men New Mexico Rite of Passage Weekend”
  1. CJSantos says:

    How do these events reach out to the communities that are products of drug and alcoholism