Is Man Alive! as an entity fructifying? Is it stagnating? Is it something that is read by Mask the community it is intended for? Is it something that is written by the community it is intended for? The entire community? As the editor of the next issue, which may be my last issue to produce, I really want to know. How can I make a difference in the course of Man Alive!? can I? Perhaps nothing needs to change? I have certainly been immensely pleased with the stories and poetry that you men send to me. Still, I wonder, is everyone who wants to write, who wants to express themselves, writing? Is the diversity of our community of men really being heard? As far as I can tell, it certainly is a wonderful community of men that supports and encourages diversity. But what about those hidden voices that exist in any enclave? Must they remain silent? Maybe so? But maybe not? I only ask questions here. I have no answers.

I am combining, more as an experiment that anything else, what normally are two issues (Spring and Summer) into one issue. that issue will come out in late June. Please send in your submissions by May 1, 2007.