NMMW Board Meeting November 17


A meeting of the New Mexico Men’s Wellness Board of Directors was held during the 26th Annual Fall Conference at the Ghost Ranch Conference Center.  Since an unexpected quorum of NMMW board members was available at the Conference, it was decided to hold an open board meeting to hear member concerns and issues to be taken to the full board meeting that will be held on November 17.  Some of the topics that came up and will be considered in the full board meeting include:

  • A proposed affiliation of NMMW with the Young Fathers of Santa Fe was broadly supported, and the full board will need to consider exactly how that affiliation will be implemented.
  • The management and parameters for scholarship support for men to attend the Fall Conference needs to be formalized as a policy, and it was suggested that a standardized application process be developed.  A comprehensive breakdown of scholarship donations in and out will be needed as part of this process.
  • Some other agenda items for consideration:
    • Guidelines about what can and cannot be sent out as “announcements” to the Men’s Wellness Email list
    • Does Man Alive have a future?  As a print publication?  As an online print-like publication?  As self-published website “posts”?
    • How can we use our 501(c)3 status to effectively fund raise for scholarship, youth outreach projects, etc.?

By designation of Scott Dow, NMMW Board president, the November 17 board meeting will be open to current and immediate past members of the Board because of limited space available for the meeting.  Any interested NMMW members are welcome to direct any questions or concerns that you may have to Jim Connolly, NMMW Secretary via Email to jrc347@gmail.com.

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