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NMMW Board of Directors Meeting Information

This website is the public repository of agendas and minutes New Mexico Men’s Wellness Board of Directors meetings. Except as noted for special meetings, meetings are open to the active membership and interested members of the general public.

Board meeting agendas and minutes

Click on the link above for NMMW Board of Directors meeting information.  Agendas are listed in “reverse” chronological order, newest on top.  Agendas and meeting locations are generally posted at least a week in advance. Meeting minutes will be found linked within the agenda postings.


Members of the NMMW Board of Directors

The Board of Directors list below is effective as of the annual meeting of NMMW that took place in October, 2015 .  New officers were elected for a two year term from October 2015 through October 2017. The year in which particular board members terms are “up” is indicated in parentheses following their email addresses in the list below.  A full contact list for all current board members is available to NMMW members on request via email to the Secretary.

Officers and Directors:

  • John Gervers, President (johngervers@gmail.com) (2018)
  • Howard Shapiro, Vice-President (meagain2004@gmail.com) (2018)
  • John Bishop, Treasurer (johnbishop@abqadr.com) (2017)
  • Steve Poland, Secretary (sfpoland@q.com) (2017)

At-Large Directors

  • James Connolly (jrc347@gmail.com) (Through 2016 Fall Conference Board meeting)
  • Doug Booth (dougbooth4@gmail.com) (2017)
  • Robert Younger (ryounger@galves.com) (2017)

New At-Large Directors (Incoming at 2016 Fall Conference Board meeting)

  • Christopher King (christopher.king54@gmail.com) (2018)
  • Shell Goldman (shellgoldman@gmail.com) (2018)

Fall Conference Leaders

  • For 2016: David Chittak Caldwell (dcald1@gmail.com)
  • For 2017: Wayne Mathias (waynem1@flash.net)

For questions related to board meetings, agendas, minutes or related items please contact the Board Secretary via email, Steve Poland (sfpoland@q.com).


NMMW Bylaws

New Mexico Men’s Wellness has been existence informally for over 30 years.  New Mexico Men’s Wellness, Inc., came into existence in 2010 with our incorporation and approval by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 nonprofit Educational corporation.  The Bylaws specify how we are governed as a corporation.  As strong believers in openness and transparency for ourselves as well as all public institutions, the full bylaws are are included here for all the members (and any other interested parties) to read and review.  Click on NMMW-Bylaws to download a PDF of the duly executed, signed and notarized bylaws of NMMW, Inc.  Amendments to the bylaws may not always be found as part of this document, but will be referred to and published with meeting agendas as they are proposed and approved.


2016 New Mexico Men’s Wellness Board Election Results

New Mexico Men’s Wellness, Inc.
Board Election 2016


October 8, 2016

Dear Fellow Members of New Mexico Men’s Wellness:

I want to thank all four of the candidates who allowed their names to be put forward for election to the Board of New Mexico Men’s Wellness because of their interest in NMMW’s continuation and future development.

I especially want to thank the members of NMMW who took the time to consider the candidates and cast their votes.

I note for the record that 46 ballots were submitted to me by mail and e-mail.

That said, I hereby certify that the winners of the 2016 Election for the four (4) vacant seats on the governing Board of NMMW are (in alphabetical order):





My congratulations to our new Board members and those that chose to run again to support our organization. Thank you!

Robert B. Younger
Election Officer
2016 NMMW Board Election 

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