Rules for Announcements

New Mexico Men’s Wellness maintains an Email list that is used primarily for announcements  of interest to the NMMW community.  We have two different “classes” of email messages that come from two different Email addresses described below:

  • Email from will be official announcements from NMMW including notices about sanctioned events including all official activities (seasonal gatherings, elections, board meetings, etc.).  These announcements come directly from activity leaders or the NMMW board of directors.
  • Email from will be announcements of potential interest to NMMW members that are not “official” NMMW announcements.  They fall into two general classes:
    • Events and activities that are not NMMW events but are deemed to be of interest to the  NMMW community and are generally supportive of the  mission of New Mexico Men’s Wellness.
    • Items submitted by NMMW members that are related to the current activities of those members.  These need not be “mission-related” but must be activities that members are directly involved in.

What follows are the requirements and procedures items to be submitted to the latter two categories, “Announcements” and “Member News.”


For “Announcements”:

Announcements of general interest to the Men’s community should be sent via Email to  Emails should contain content that can be forwarded with minimal editing.  To be forwarded to the membership, the Email that includes the announcement must either plain text or be formatted in such a way that it can be sent as a standard Email message.  It should include the following information:

  • A brief description of the activity or event to be sent to the membership
  • the date and time of the event (or events)
  • the location of the event (or events)
  • any cost involved (including a requested donation amount)
  • contact information (Email and telephone number at a minimum)
  • appropriate contact information for the requester of the announcement (Email at a minimum)

Determination of whether a submitted announcement is appropriate for general dissemination will be evaluated by the NMMW Webmaster in consultation with the NMMW Board if necessary.  For all non-NMMW events, the announcement will include a disclaimer indicating that while this announcement may be of interest to the Men’s community, it is not officially sanctioned by NMMW and is sent only as a service to the community.  The disclaimer will always be followed by an indication of who requested the announcement and their Email address. Announcements submitted by NMMW members will be given priority in consideration (though they still must meet the criteria above).

Electronic flyers, posts or graphics of reasonable size may be included as attachments to the announcement email but cannot substitute for the essential information contained in the regular email text.  Preferred formats for attachments are Acrobat PDF for flyers and JPEGs for graphic images. Announcements submitted in ready-to-forward condition can typically be turned around in 24 to 48 hours (although availability of volunteer staff to do this may sometimes result in longer turn-around times).  Documents in editable formats that may be easily converted (by NMMW) into Acrobat PDFs without significant editing will be accepted but this may delay turn-around time somewhat.

NMMW will not forward announcements that are not related to events of interest to the Men’s community.  These include:

  • Commercial solicitations for products of any sort (unless directly related to the work of NMMW)
  • Opinion pieces whether from the NMMW community or any other sources
  • Personal solicitations of any sort (i.e., items for sale, garage sales, products not related to NMMW activities, etc.)

Some items not appropriate for announcements may be directed for publication on the NMMW website as “blog” posts.  Blog posts may be done directly by contributors who are registered “members” of this site after review by the NMMW webmaster.  For how this works, see the “About NMMW.ORG” and the associated “Rules for Blogging” pages from our main menu for the “how-to” details.  For those who would like to post something to this site but can not deal with the interactive nature of making their own posts should contact the NMMW webmaster ( who can assist (as time allows) in the publication of submitted material.  We encourage the submission of poetry, fiction, nonfiction writing, and rants of all sorts as long as they are something that could be of interest to the Men’s community.  Published materials posted via the NMMW blog will be announced as appropriate (monthly if volume warrants) through the “Announcements” process by the webmaster.

We may occasionally use the NMMW member Email list as a vehicle for connections between members but this is only done when it is clear to us that this is the only method available to achieve a desirable goal, and this type of announcement will always be the exception rather than the rule. Requests must be submitted to

If you have any questions about this policy for announcements and news sent via Email, please direct them to

— Jim Connolly
NMMW Webmaster
 Revised April, 2016

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