NMMW.ORG is the Web Site and Blog of New Mexico Men’s Wellness (NMMW).  The vision of this site is to enhance the ability of the community of Men in (and near to) New Mexico to communicate their ideas, stories, goals and visions of and for the community. Here you will find:

  • Announcements of upcoming NMMW Events: Conferences, Retreats, and Gatherings (along with registration materials)
  • Contributed announcements about coming events of interest to the men of NMMW (that are not official NMMW Events)
  • Writings contributed by Men to be shared with others — stories, essays, poems, memoirs, or anything you think would be of value to other men in their journey through life
  • Comments and feedback that can be contributed about most material posted on the site
  • ???? – anything else creative you can think of to share!!

The webmaster for NMMW.ORG can be reached via Email at webmaster@nmmw.org.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.  Expect a response within a day or two (usually).

In order to be active on the site (and do more than just read what you find here), you must Register.  To do that:

  • Click on the Register link (this one or at the bottom of the page)
  • Choose a Username (it can be any handle that you wish to use but must be “civil”; it is suggested that it bear some resemblance to your real name or a nickname) and enter your Email address
  • The system will send you an Email with an automatically assigned temporary password within a minute or two.
  • Check your email for your password, then go to www.nmmw.org.   The “Log In” link is at the bottom of the page.  Enter your Username and password and you will then be signed on to the site as a “Subscriber” on your “Dashboard” page.
  • Important final step: Edit your Information by clicking on the “Users” link on the left side, and then clicking on “Your Profile”.  In the “First Name” and “Last Name” boxes, enter your real first and last name then scroll down and change your password to something that you will remember.  Everything else on this page is optional.  Click on the “Update Profile” button at the bottom and you’re done.
  • Please Note: The entry of your real name is only for the purposes of validating your user account.  nmmw.org will never publish, display or otherwise use any personal information (including your name and Email address) without your express permission.

The requirement to enter your real name in your registration information is necessitated by the proliferation of spammers on blogging sites.  This small bit of personal information will not be seen by anyone but the website administrator.  Accounts registered on this site without a real name entry will be removed from the list of users.

Once registered, you may enter comments on any current posts for which comments are open (that’s about 95+% of them).  Scroll down to the bottom of the post and if you are logged in there will be a comment box available; if you are not logged in there will be a notice that “You must be logged in to leave a comment” and a link to the login page.  After you enter your comment, your first one must be approved by the webmaster.  This will usually take less than 24 hours.  Subsequent comments will not require approval.  If a comment is not approved, you will receive a personal Email from the webmaster as to why it was not approved.  After comments have appeared on the website, each person has the ability to edit their own comments; as with comments in general you must be logged in to do this.   Note: If for some reason you don’t see the comment box or the login notice at the bottom of a page you want to comment on, click on the title of the post (at the top of the post) and it should reload with the comment box at the bottom.

No personal information (not even your real name nor your Email address) is used at any time on the site unless you choose to use it.  Only your Username (or the Nickname you have chosen to display) is included on comments and posts.  If you want someone to be able to contact you from your post, it is advisable to include a name and an Email address in your comment or post.  New users are listed as “Subscribers”, a usage level that only allows comments on existing posts.  There are other user levels available (Contributor, Author) for those who want to contribute their own stories, essays, poems or other creative works.  Contact webmaster@nmmw.org if you would like to contribute more of your original work to the site.

If you have any questions about the site, are interested writing something to put be put up here, or have suggestions about what you’d like to see, please send me an Email (webmaster@nmmw.org) about it and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Downloadable Tutorial Materials: There is now a 6-page Adobe Acrobat PDF available to assist interested persons in registering for access to the site, including sections on how to register, how to post comments, how WordPress uses “roles” to control access, and what we can do with the site.  Click on nmmw-instructions to download this (hopefully) useful document.  Please direct any feedback or suggestions you may have about the instructional document or the website in general to Jim Connolly at webmaster@nmmw.org.

We have some great stuff going on in New Mexico Men’s Wellness.  Let’s use this Website and Blog to spread it around!

— Jim Connolly
Revised 3-Feb-2014

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