About NMMW

Welcome to New Mexico Men’s Wellness … a community:

  • That has been ALIVE for over 35 years
  • With hundreds of active member from various parts of the state (and a few other states as well)
  • Encompassing many men’s groups throughout the state
  • Conducting several gatherings each year addressing men’s issues
  • Publishing writings of the membership in a web-based online forum
  • Caring about the wellness of men

Community is the strength of New Mexico Men’s Wellness. As one of the men involved in Men’s Wellness for many years recently put it: Most of us who have become involved with the New Mexico Mens Wellness movement had little or no conception of that movement as a community. Certainly, for me the motivation to become involved was based on personal needs–i.e., dealing with my own stuff. But, as important, even though it wasn’t intentional, over the years I have benefited enormously as a result of my deepening relationships with many of the extraordinary men I have met in the movement. Community, in the best meaning of that word, has emerged and become a powerful pillar of support.

Why not become more conscious and purposeful about the power and potential of this community by contacting one of the men identified in the Directory? Remember, Personal Growth and Development is something you have to do … but you don’t have to do it alone.

Our Mission

New Mexico Men’s Wellness is committed to nurturing wellness in body, mind & spirit through the sharing of life experiences across generations & cultures in safe, collaborative settings. Our mission is to foster increased awareness & healthy relationships with ourselves, our families & our communities.


New Mexico Men’s Wellness celebrates the full equality of women.

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