7th Annual Wellness Spring Retreat


April 18-20, 2008 [Click-Registration Form]

Joseph Woods/ David Kuenzli

What is your bliss? What makes you happy, really? Do you know? Perhaps you have forgotten? Are the things that make you deeply content and joyful right in the center of your life? or on the edges?

We invite you to join us in experiencing a joyfilled weekend of surprising discoveries, quiet reflection, deep sharing, time in nature, as well as camaraderie with old friends and new.

It is our intention to be fair to everyone – please mail us your check and completed registration form (attached) as soon as humanly possible. Due to space limitations, we are holding the number of participants to only twenty-five, first come first served. We will return your check after we reach twenty-five men.

This message is from Joseph Woods mailto:woodenboat@dock.net and David Kuenzli papdavid@zianet.com.

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