After you have completed your “Reservation” for the Couples Retreat, you will receive the link to this page to complete your payment for the retreat.  If you have NOT completed your reservation, please click here and do that BEFORE completing your payment

If you are paying by check, please do the following:

  1. The cost for the weekend is $250.00 per couple.  If you have indicated that you will donate something to the NMMW scholarship fund, that amount should be added to your payment. 
  2. Write your check, payable to “New Mexico Men’s Wellness” for the total amount.  Include “Couples 2020” in the “Memo” field on your check. 
  3. Include a note with the following information and enclose it with your check: Your name and the name of the parson you are attending with, your telephone number and your Email address.
  4. Mail your check and note to:
    Michael Grodsky
    1 Sierra Lejana
    Santa Fe, NM 87508

Receipt of your check will be confirmed by Email. 

If you are paying for the retreat online (with Credit Card or PayPal), please complete the following payment form.  When the form is completed and submitted, you will be taken to our payment page to complete your payment. 

Please enter the security code:
security code
Security Code (lowercase letters):


Entering the Security code (above) and clicking on the “Submit” button (at left) will save your payment information and take you to the payment link where you complete your online payment.  When completed you will receive email confirmation your information from NMMW and payment confirmation from PayPal. 


As of February 15, all spots at the Couples Retreat have been reserved.  This “Reservation” page has now become a Wait-list page.  Add your information to the page below and we will contact you if any cancellations come in before the event.  

To make a reservation for the 2020 Couples Retreat “Feeding Our Third Body” at Story Ranch on May 22-24, please complete and submit the form below.  Your reservation includes all of your contact information along with answering several questions that will help your leaders in the planning and logistics for the Retreat.  Please review the sections on Accommodations on the main retreat page before completing your reservation.   

Please fill out the information completely and submit the form when you are done.  No payment is required now; we will send you payment information for check or credit-card payment via Email after Reservations have been made. 

NMMW scholarships are available for those in need. Please email Michael ( to request a scholarship.    

Please enter the security code:
security code
Security Code (lowercase letters):



When you enter the Security code (to stop fake reservations) and click on the “Submit” button, your reservation will be submitted to the leaders and a copy sent to your Email.  PLEASE CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON ONLY ONCE; multiple clicks can result in multiple reservations. 

We will contact you if a slot for the Couple’s Retreat opens up.   


In the hope of increasing the number of submissions to Man, Alive!, the following themes and related dates for 2020 are as follows:
Spring Edition – “Awakening” 
   submission deadline- March 14
   publication- March 21
Summer Edition – “Growth”
   submission deadline- June 14
   publication- June 21
Fall Edition – “Harvest”
   submission deadline-September 14
   publication- September 21
Winter Edition – “Quiet”
   submission deadline-December 14
   publication-December 21
Poetry, illustration, photography and prose (1500 word maximum) will be considered.
You may send your submissions directly to the editor, Hank Blackwell at:
You will find all of the most recent online publications as well as archives of of print issues and guidelines for submitting your own work at