Note: This document is available as a printable Adobe Acrobat PDF for reference.  You may click HERE do download a copy.

The intent of NMMW is to produce four quarterly issues of Man, Alive! The overriding focus of the publication is to present materials that are of interest and value to the Men’s community.  Around this general intention, each issue will solicit contributions related to a theme.  We encourage a variety of different contributions to include essays, stories (fiction and personal experiences), anecdotes, poetry, photographs, drawings and other art work.

The “call for submissions” will be circulated to the NMMW Email list and posted on the NMMW Website and include the theme of the issue.  Submissions of relevant materials will be accepted from anyone, not just NMMW members.  The editors reserve the right to accept or reject submissions for publication or, in some cases, accept a submission for publication in a later issue.

In order to speed the process as much as possible, this “call” will include the email address of the “receiving” editor for the issue along with a deadline date for submissions.  All contributions must be submitted in digital (NOT paper) form with the preferred formats as discussed in the sections below.

All authors must include a completed “Submission Information” form and send it with your contribution for publication.  This single sheet includes basic contact information about you as the author and some other information about your submission.  This page is an Adobe Acrobat PDF Form that has been specially formatted so that it can be completed on your computer and saved using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you may click HERE to download the installer; it must be installed on your computer to be able to complete and save the form.  Other PDF viewers will not let you edit or save this document.

For Submission of Written Material (Stories, essays, poetry, etc.)

The preferred format for submitted pieces is Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc formats).  We have settled on Microsoft Word as a “standard” of document exchange.  Versions for Macs and Windows are essentially interchangeable between platforms.  While we can handle some other document formats, submissions in Microsoft Word can be handled in the most timely manner and most text formatting can be most successfully maintained.

The best alternative document formats involve saving your document as some form of “rich text format” (.rtf file extension) or plain text file (.txt extension).  The former attempts to save basic document formatting (i.e., bold, italics, underlined, etc.), while the latter is only text without any special formatting.  We DO NOT accept submissions of Adobe PDF documents as these are NOT editable for publication, and very difficult to modify and reformat for a common document style.

We do not have a hard limit on document sizes for prose (stories, memoirs, etc.) but we suggest a maximum of 1,500 words.  This equivalent to approximately 3 pages if single spaced with 12 point type.

For Submissions of Graphical Material

Graphical material can include drawings, photographs, or other images submitted either independently or as an illustration for written material.  We can accept a variety of digital image formats including:

  • JPEG (most common image format for publication of photos; used by most digital cameras by default. Supports differing resolutions)
  • GIF (a 256-color relatively low-resolution format. This format is best for line art as it makes for sharply delineated lines.)
  • BMP (largely obsolete “bitmap” format used by Microsoft)
  • PNG (preferred web page image format supports more than 256 colors; will be converted to JPEG)
  • RAW (very high-resolution photo format; makes VERY large files; will be converted to JPEG for publication)

In general, received images will be converted into a moderate- to high-resolution JPEG images to reduce the file size (for minimizing final document size while minimizing loss of resolution in the final document).  Also, please note that the images should be those that look good as gray-scale (vs. color) rendering. Ultimately, the editors will decide what image type will produce the best rendering of the contributed material in the final publication.

Graphical materials can be submitted to be part of written a written story.  These should be sent as separate Email attachments.  If there is a particular location that the writer would like an illustration placed, please let us know about that with your submitted material.  We cannot promise to meet all requests exactly, we will do the best we can.

Adobe Acrobat PDF documents will not be accepted as submissions for graphical material; this is because they are difficult to deal since they are not editable and are generally difficult to deal with in compiled documents such as Man, Alive!