Earthprayers for our loved one’sThe earth heals and is our mother and father really, I know it to be true in my life and many people over the years reported to me it gave them comfort when they held the earth prayer (a golfball size little earth with a heart drawn on it) in times of difficulty or stress.  It is composed of sacred earth and a small amount of straw.  An idea that is new to me is to put a person ‘s ashes in the earthprayer that is transitioning to the other side and for their families to have something to hold to give them comfort when they want to feel a sense of their loved one.  We forget but we are made of earth and no matter how sophisticated or technological we have become that will never change.  And holding one of the earthprayers with their loved ones ashes in it, will bring comfort and a sense of holding an essence of them.  Hard to explain in words but feeling the earthprayer with their ashes it becomes easier to experience and understand.  My friend Bernard mixed the mud and mixed the ashes and made a heart to contain his wife’s ashes and when he feels lonely for her he picks up the heart and always feels better.

This could be an idea for putting Pet’s ashes into one of these earth containers.  I like the idea of a small earth ball with a heart drawn on it, but Bernard had his whole family put some ashes into different earth containers [he made a heart for his wife ‘s ashes] with another friends ashes became a small [or larger earth sculpture} and as the story continues most people have a sense of the presence of their loved one in the earth container, and it brings comfort.  We can also do ritual and say prayers to the person, as we are adding ashes to the earth and making benches.  In talking to a doorways meeting I mentioned an earth bench and the woman next to be liked the idea so well that she wants to work with her and her family to put her grandfathers ashes in an earth bench so she can be held by her grandfather when he leaves and she will feel held by him as if in a hug.  I like to play with ideas and as something that wi ll be affordable.  In most cases creating larger and more complex objects wi ll be negotiated with compassion.  robert francis “mudman” johnson 208 1/2 polaco street, Santa fe NM 87501.  505-954-4495

an earth prayer for a loved one
is love personified
in a sacred earth prayer
a great mystery of love and soul
is smiling with us on our journey home


For a downloadable (and printable) color document with photographs of some earthprayers, please click here.

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qigong-snap1For many years Doug Booth has been offering a great morning practice of Qigong to participants in most NMMW gatherings (Spring, Summer and Fall).  Many, many men who have done the practice with Doug have requested some information about the movements to make it easier for them to practice on their own.  After searching his archives, Doug has located the original materials from his teacher that describe the 18 movements and include some advice about the best approach to a Qigong practice.   Now, through the magic of electronic document creation and this website, anyone interested in having their own Acrobat PDF copy can get it via a relatively simple mouse click.  Just click your mouse here and download your copy.  Please note that some web browsers do not like to display Acrobat PDF documents and you might have better results by right-clicking your mouse on the link and then saving the “link” to your own computer.

If you have any questions about the practice or would like to profusely thank Doug for making it available, please connect with him via Email to

At the 2011 Summer Gathering, I, your webmaster Jim Connolly, using a recently acquired mini-HD video recorder, recorded an almost complete Qigong practice session (about 30 minutes) with Doug from warm-up through conclusion.  While the video is ofqigong-snap2 good quality, it includes has a lot of cross-talk and side chatter.  We had planned to clean it up, add titles and perhaps throw in some voice-overs, but there were some translation issues with the video formats, and it is likely to remain in its “raw” (but still useful) form.  I will be talking with Doug at the Spring Retreat about how we might best make this available for Men’s Wellness folks to use.  If you are someone who would have an interest in acquiring a home-made copy of the video for your personal use, please contact me ( and indicate your interest.  There will likely be a nominal cost associated with copying and getting it to you.

The pictures on this post are “snapshots” from the video from the 2011 Summer Gathering.

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