10th Annual NM Men’s Wellness Spring Retreat

April 15-17, 2011


A Leatherman for the Soul Man

led by

Christopher King and Friends

Everything comes from silence.

Through meditation I enter the silence.

OVERVIEW: This weekend retreat, sponsored by New Mexico Men€™s Wellness (NMMW), will provide direct instruction on four meditation/energetic practices. These techniques are safe, easy to learn, and provide both relief from distress as well as enhanced well-being, sensitivity and inner contentment– for the practitioners and for those they include by their intentions. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a featured offering, has provided marked reductions in emotional and physical distress symptoms for hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide over the last 20 years.

Small GroupMen will work together in small groups of four to six to practice and process these techniques. Within the large group setting (20 to 30 men) there will be time for one or two talking circles€”where men share insights, experiences and wisdom. Regular intervals of live music€”including singing, guitars, recorders and drums–are planned.  On Saturday night after dark, Joseph Woods will lead the men in an outdoor fire ceremony.

In between the structured periods for learning, music and sharing, men will enjoy free time, relaxation and outdoor recreation. Intimacy, humor and camaraderie are typical benefits of NMMW retreats. The accommodations at Hummingbird are simple but comfortable, and meals are provided.

THE MEN: For the past 26 years New Mexico Men€™s Wellness has provided forums for men to learn, grow and freely express  their creativity, intentions and wisdom. We embrace diversity and encourage all men with an interest in our community to attend this Retreat.  To learn more about NMMW, please explore the website menu at the top of this page.

ck-ghost-ranchLEADER: Christopher King is a clinical social worker who is privileged to work with veterans at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque. The leadership roles at these Retreats are shared among the participants– men with diverse knowledge, experience and skills, and with a common belief in our capacities for personal growth, nurturing, creativity and leadership.

SETTING: Hummingbird Music Camp is located in Jemez Springs New Mexico. We will have the north campus to ourselves€”including a large meeting room, covered outdoor space and dorm style double rooms with communal showers. The main campus, including the dining room where we share our meals with the other guests, is a ten minute walk from our headquarters. A lively stream runs through the campus, and the nearby forested mountains and dramatic red rock cliffs provide ready opportunities for hiking, bird watching and exploration.

P4190183REGISTRATION: Click on: Registration Form Spring 2011 to download this information in printable form (Adobe Acrobat PDF) including a registration form with fee information.  The registration form may be printed and filled out by hand or completed on your computer (requiring only Acrobat Reader) and printed and mailed in.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis, so send it in as soon as possible and no later than April 1st. We expect 20 to 30 men to attend, and we will create a waiting list if needed.

SCHOLARSHIPS: NMMW has funds to provide partial or full sponsorship for those men who are eager to attend and in need of financial assistance. Please contact Christopher King directly (chking@swcp.com or 505-999-6270) for further information.

Click here to download the printable flyer and registration form.

The Yellow Brick Road:

A Journey of Discovery

Yellow-Brick-RoadKristin & Michael Kauffman would like to invite you to the 2011 NMMW Fathers and Daughters Gathering, which will take place at Ghost Ranch over the weekend of June 3 thru 5.


scarecrowWe follow the yellow brick road with our father or daughter to a place of discovery. We will explore our own experiencestinman as they relate to symbols and key characters from the imaginative world of The Wizard of Oz. We begin with the Scarecrow who did not have a brain and discuss a time that required a lot of thought; maybe it was difficult to discern the right path. We will visit the Tin Man with no heart; paralyzed and stuck. Last, we lionmeet the Cowardly Lion and reflect on a time when we ourselves needed courage. This familiar story provides a foundation to begin a dialogue with our father or daughter as we continue on this path of life.


Click your heels and join us in the beautiful landscape of Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, New Mexico. This tranquil environment provides a wonderful space to explore, MT-FD2008-7share stories, hike, and most importantly spend quality time with your father or daughter. We always enjoy meeting new families and welcome back those who return. We look forward to seeing you in June!

Click here to download a printable brochure with registration form.  Please complete a separate registration form for each person attending. Daughters must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the gathering. Space for the gathering is limited, so register now.


Registration fee of $190 includes lodging, meals, and T-shirt. Partial scholarships may be available; contact Michael Kauffman (realoptions@plateautel.net) for more information.

Interested in a daughter’s perspective? Contact Kristin Kauffman (klkauffman08@gmail.com).

Registration Deadline: Forms with checks must be received by Monday, April 25, 2011.

Mail Registration Form and Check made payable to:

NM Men’s Wellness
c/o Michael Kauffman
P.O. Box 508
Ribera, NM, 87560

2011 Father and Daughter Brochure and Registration Form


(Photos of 2008 Gathering courtesy of Manuel Tafoya)



AUGUST 5th, 6th and 7th

If you realize that all things change
There is nothing you will try to hold on to
If you aren€™t afraid of dying,

There is nothing you can€™t achieve

– Lao-Tsu

More detailed information and registration materials are available now.  Click here to go to that page now.

The message in Western societies is: “Survival of the fittest”, or “Thos who can adapt, survive; those who cannot, perish”.

Change is a constant.  However, change is speeding up, and many of us are unsure as to how to respond.  Uncertainty engenders anxiety: how do we adapt to change in the modern world?

Do our chosen means of adaptation – our €œinner gyroscopes€ – truly prepare us for these changes?  Do they render our lives more or less meaningful?  How do we live with uncertainty? What are our tools? Are they working?

Can we make peace with uncertainty?

The subject of this year€™s NMMW Summer Gathering, €œAdapting to Change in a Brave New World€ is intended to help us identify the changes that most affect our lives, how we are dealing with these changes, and whether our coping methods are effective.  What do we find to be trustworthy, reliable and significant in an age of uncertainty?

The subject of this years NMMW Summer Gathering is intended to coax and tease out not only what we are willing to change and by what means; it is also hoping to create movement toward identifying what we understand in our lives to be trustworthy, reliable, of ultimate significance and reality.

Because we are all designed to be a little different – thank our lucky stars – each of us perceives certain elements in our lives to be major constants that can be relied upon through thick and thin.  There are those of us who feel that some outside miracle will be wrought, from whatever transcendent source, and things, if not restored to the normality of a golden age, will at least be comforted by the reassurance that affairs will be set straight upon another equally promising track, offering a newly defined meaning and some as yet unimagined destiny.  Some place their faith in a religious organization, while others are putting their money down upon the ability of political institutions to self-stabilize.  Some of the flower children, still €œmaintaining€ from previous crises, will opt for the admonishment: €œBlow up the T. V., move to the country, build you a home; try and find Jesus on your own€ €“ maybe even raise some peaches – as the song so generously offers.  There are the great hopes of some new society.

All of this is the world of those who look outward for an answer, and it may be that they will be our future thinkers and leaders.  There are those, however, who seem to have discovered forms of adaptive mechanisms, or who have recognized resources within which seem to manifest strengths and possibilities seemingly relatively independent of the comings and goings of the outside world; we might call them €œinner gyroscopes€, for want of a more descriptive term.  These introverted weirdos are, likewise, welcome.

The intent of the activities of the workshop is not to classify or persuade, but merely to facilitate various forms of self-exploration and self-identification, which would seem useful to the individual in understanding his place in the present world.

We will explore these questions through small-group discussion, meditation, exercises designed to elicit €œright-brain€ answers, Bocce Ball, hikes, and wild torchlight sorties into the forest in the night (please bring a white horse for yourself and a more pedestrian brother). Humor will be paramount.

This year€™s Summer Retreat location is back at Jack€™s Creek €“ a beautiful, private forest location high in the Pecos wilderness. We have reserved two campgrounds with parking and toilet facilities and running water.  (Sauna and massage are extra.)

Ultimate recognition of one€™s karma and destiny through beatific vision promise to make this NMMW summer gathering the event of the Northern New Mexico summer season campouts rounds, an ultimate blow-out in Southwest masculine introspective social circles, and a most noted pre-end-of-time quest €œmust€ for the serious psychospiritual archaeoastronomer.

Those with any ideas or protestations for the gathering please contact:

Jim Mischke james.mischke@gmail.com, or

Doug Booth dougbooth4@gmail.com

Reserve the dates €“ more irrelevance and uncertainty to follow!

Circle Summer 2008

Circle Summer 2008

Agenda for the NMMW Board Meeting

February 23, 2011

The quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of New Mexico Men’s Wellness will be on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 in Santa Fe, NM.  The meeting will be held at the home of David Pease, located at 2503 Calle De Rincon Bonito, Santa Fe, NM 87505.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM.

The following report and discussion items will be included on the agenda (with the reporting board members indicated):

  • Scholarship Policy Committee Report (Barry Cooney, Phil Davis, Gaylon Duke)
  • €œMemorandum of Understanding€ between NMMW and Young Fathers of Santa Fe. (Charles Fisher)
  • Website and Mailing List activities report. To include proposed mailing list policy and website posting policies. Report on progress of the webmaster-mediated Men€™s Group Exchange. (Jim Connolly)
  • Discussion of the current and future status of Man, Alive! as a discrete publication.
  • Progress report on €œRoadmap€ for Fall Conference Leaders (Charles Fisher. Others on the committee include Lon Rankin, Shell Goldman, Kurt Faust, David Johnson, and Jim Connolly)
  • Selection of €œContact€ person from NMMW for Ghost Ranch. Michael Kauffman? (Barry Cooney)

Other items of New Business will be added as suggested.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the next board meeting will be scheduled.

(A printable Acrobat PDF of the Agenda may be downloaded by clicking on: NMMW Agenda 02-23-11)

(Posted to nmmw.org on 13-Feb-2011 by Jim Connolly, Secretary)