2009 Summer Gathering – July 10-12 in the Pecos


morning-fireGENTLE MEN – mark your calendars. The 2009 Summer Gathering will take place July 10th through 12th at Jack’s Creek Campground on the edge of the Pecos Wilderness. This beautiful camp site will once again be the setting for a peak experience under the open sky, beneath the trees, on the lush grasses. Dust off your camping gear and come have some fun!

The 2009 Summer Gathering Registration Form (as an Adobe Acrobat PDF form you can fill out on your computer) is available now.

As always, GREAT Men will gather together to share their lives and create new memories in a safe, supportive, and mutually respectful environment. Expect fellowship, storytelling around the campfire, music, drumming, talking circles, small group breakouts, and a sweat lodge or two. But don’t worry, it won’t be all busy-ness. There will also be time for meditation, reflection, rest, rejuvenation, and hiking in the gorgeous natural environment of the Pecos Wilderness.

Summer Gathering 2008

Artists of Summer, 2008

The theme is “Balance”. Throughout the weekend, we’ll have a BALANCE of structured activities and free time, serious introspection and playful fun, doing and being.

One of the highlights will be a a group feast Saturday evening with a catered entree and salad / veggie dish plus pot luck contributions from all attendees where we’ll have a chance to join together for the preparation and sharing of the meal.

Just come. You’ll be glad you did.

Circle Summer 2008

Circle Summer 2008

Registration materials (including useful logistical information) are available by clicking here .  Registration is easy — download the form and fill it out on your computer, print it and send it in with your check for $45 and you’ll be sure not to miss out on this great weekend.  Send it in as soon as you can (no later than June 29) to make sure you have a spot reserved.

For Information Contact:
Gathering Leader Stephen Gardner (doc@nobhillchiro.com; 505 265-9656)
Co-leader Mike Pedroncelli (mikepedroncelli@yahoo.com)

(Photos from 2008 Summer Gathering courtesy of Uwe Schroeter and Jim Connolly)

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3 Responses to “2009 Summer Gathering – July 10-12 in the Pecos”
  1. newmexicojose says:

    Are all of these men’s wellness activities exclusive to heterosexual men. I am a gay – bi sexual man and have iived my life alone isolated from both gay and heterosexual male community activities. I am taking the step to risk of comiing out to family and people of all sexual persuasions. I want to be part of social gatherings to meet new friends and share community. I no longer want to live a life with no community of support. I want to be more open to life and to feel safe being with other men. Does your organization ever sponsor safe gathering such these events as the pecos gathering for gay, bisexual, and heterosexual men in activities to be open in discussions and support of each other.

    In Peace and Kindness,

    Joe – Albuquerque

  2. JimC says:

    In response to Joe, my experience of New Mexico Men’s Wellness is that we are a supportive organization of Men, without regard to sexual orientation but also not ignorant of it. Though my experience is limited to a little more than a year of gatherings, I have found that there are many ways that men of all sorts of orientations can share what is going on in their lives in powerful and valuable ways. I think you would find a welcoming group at the Summer Gathering or any other NMMW event.

    — Jim C. – Albuquerque

  3. reesbevan says:

    The Summer 2009 topic was balance. The link below is to an interesting video from Alain de Botton on success and failure.


    At the 13:00 mark (it’s 16 minutes long) the speaker talks about how seeking success in one area of our lives leads to losses in others; the essence of balance.