April 23, 2008

To: The Men of NM Men€™s Wellness
From: David Kuenzli

I would like your feedback about an idea I had a few weeks ago that I believe might make a small but important difference in our seemingly chaotic and often uncaring world.

Here€™s the idea:

Sometime before May 15, many of us will be receiving a tax rebate from the Federal government, ostensibly, to stimulate the economy and to help out those of us who could definitely use the extra cash. While many folks, of course, are struggling financially in this ailing economy and need to put this rebate toward personal and family needs, others of us have been blessed financially and may want to do something else with that money for €œthe greater good.€

While I don€™t have any particular €œpet project€ of my own to push, I think it could be exciting for us men in the Men€™s Wellness community, as well as many other people throughout our country, to come up with thoughtful ways of pooling our resources in order to have a greater, positive impact in our local communities and/or the wider the world.

With this in mind, I wondered, what might happen if thousands of us around the country gathered together in small, informal groups of friends, co-workers, church groups, men€™s and women€™s support groups, etc. to discuss where that money might be put to best use? By pooling their money, and directing it to meaningful, not-for-profit causes, each group might gain an empowering sense that together they can make a difference. And who knows what else might flow from these groups?

I would suggest that in each group, people come with ideas about where the money can best be used (for example, international projects like Habitat for Humanity, the Heifer Project, Doctors Without Borders, environmentally friendly programs and refugee services; or local projects like food banks, services for the elderly or homeless, or educational programs for children and youth).

As the members of each informal group share their ideas and listen to each other, they have the opportunity to raise their own awareness of what is being done locally and in the wider world, and what else might be done to help make the world a bit better, friendlier, safer and healthier for us and for our children.

How the decision is made as to which projects, if any, the group decides to support would be up to each group.

If the idea appeals to you, may I suggest the following:

    1. Talk over the idea among your friends, family and co-workers, encouraging them to talk with others as well. If you are internet-savvy, you might spread the word through various websites.

    2. Let your friends in the Men€™s Wellness community know where and when you would like to hold your own gathering.

    3. Use the gathering as an opportunity to enjoy each others€™ company, as you share your ideas and are stimulated by the idea that your group can really make a difference in some meaningful way.

When I shared this idea with a friend of mine in our men€™s community, he responded with excitement and enthusiasm, saying, €œIf we in Men€™s Wellness can€™t get behind something like this, how can we expect anyone else to?€

To put my idea and my money where my mouth is, my fiancée, Amina, and I would like to invite you to come to our new home on Saturday, May 17, from 10 to noon and join us for brunch and a stimulating discussion. Our address is 828 Calle Coronado, SE, Albuquerque (in the Four Hills area). Call for directions and to RSVP at 883-4846 .

Hugs to you all and thanks for listening.

David Kuenzli