Index to 2018 and Newer Online Issues

Starting in 2018, NMMW is producing new digital editions of Man Alive! from the ongoing submissions and contributions from the men’s community of New Mexico and Souther Colorado.  As we add new issues, they will be linked on this page for your downloading and online reading pleasure.  If they inspire you to share you own contributions, please do so.  The comment sections are available for your input, and there Mare instructions on this site to how best to contribute your material.  We hope you will help grow this library!

Spring 2018 Issue of Man, Alive!

Summer 2018 Issue of Man, Alive!

Fall 2018 Issue of Man, Alive!

Winter 2018 Issue of Man, Alive!

Spring 2019 Issue of Man, Alive!

Submissions for the next edition are welcomed.  Please see the main Man, Alive! page for information about how to submit material for publication.

Adobe Acrobat reader is required to read the online edition of Man Alive! Click on the link below to download a copy:

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