Man, Alive!

Please bear with us.  We’re working on a significant update to these pages.

Man, Alive! is back in it’s new, online form


Some background about Man, Alive!

Up until 2008, New Mexico Men’s Wellness produced a quarterly (mostly) printed journal of men sharing from the heart the joys and problems of being male.   This was an edited and printed paper publication that was distributed freely in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  Times have changed and production of a quarterly printed publication has become prohibitively expensive, and yet men were still looking for us to revive it.

In 2009 we looked briefly at collecting and publishing articles through the web site, but this only lasted for a couple of issues until the lack a volunteer editor ended the effort.

Last year, in 2018, Hank Blackwell agreed to coordinate assembly of a digital version of Man, Alive! (as quarterly multi-page issues) with contributions from members.  The first of these new issues started in the Spring and has continued through the Summer and Fall.  As long as the contributions from our prolific volunteer writers, poets and artists continue and with Hank’s help, we plan to keep this schedule into the future.  Calls for papers for the next issue will be distributed via membership Email and posted on this site.  We ask you to contribute and share your work with other men.  What you contribute is up to you.  Memoirs and biographical sketches, stories, poems, narratives, opinion pieces, sharing of life’s lessons learned, and rants on topics of your choosing are all possible – the limit is the limit of your imagination and creativity.  We also welcome art work and photographs; these can be published on-line in full color.

We also maintain an online archive of Man, Alive! issues that stretch back to 1998.  We think you will find these of educational and historic interest; though similar to today’s issues, we think you’ll find that Men’s issues have evolved some with the growth of our current digital age.  We hope that some of these older issues by inspire your own contributions.

Editorial Board

  • Editor-in-Chief: Hank Blackwell (
  • Associate Editor: Vittorio La Carva (
  • Webmaster: Jim Connolly (

There are opportunities available for volunteer editors, regular contributors, and anyone who wants to put some energy in to help grow Man, Alive!   Most of this can be done from the comfort and convenience of your own online desktop.  Contact Hank via his Email if you are interested in contributing.

Submission Guidelines

In general, a wide variety of submissions are encouraged.  Generally each issue will hover around a theme that will be outlined in the “call” issued ahead of publication of that issue.  These will generally be issued and sent out via Email and posted on this web site.  Please click on the link above to “Tell your story!” for specifics of how to submit your material for publication.

We reserve the right to publish or not publish submissions. We also reserve the right to edit submissions. All copyright reverts to the author on publication. No fees are paid to authors, and no submissions will be returned.

The Future of Man, Alive! is in your hands

Man, Alive! will grow online as submissions are received.  All material published will be open to comments, and comments are encouraged.  Comments need to be approved by the NMMW Webmaster to avoid the ever present attempted posting of spam on websites.  You may be asked to verify who you are and your Email before comments are approved.

We encourage you to embrace the interactive immediacy of online publication, let the creative juices flow and contribute, comment and be, Man, Alive!