Man, Alive!

We’re now online!

For the past ten+ years (through 2008), Man, Alive! has been a (mostly) quarterly printed journal of men sharing from the heart the joys and problems of being male.  Effective immediately (June, 2009) Man, Alive! (which last saw print in late Summer of 2008) is embarking on a new venture.  Effective immediately, we will be launching Man, Alive! as an on-line journal composed by you, the good men (and perhaps the occasional woman) of New Mexico Men’s Wellness.

The Fall 2009 (just published), and Summer 2009 issues of Man, Alive! are now online, and the contents are linked on the “Summer 2009” sub-page to this one.

We are now soliciting your contributions for the Winter issue and requesting your submissions by the end of December.  Submission guidelines are detailed below.

In addition to several themed issues a year, we will be publishing submissions on an irregular basis on any topics of interest to you the contributors and creators of New Mexico Men’s Wellness.  Memoirs and biographical sketches, stories, poems, narratives, opinion pieces, sharing of life’s lessons learned, and rants on topics of your choosing are all possible – the limit is the limit of your imagination and creativity.  We also welcome art work and photographs; these can be published on-line in full color.  We reserve the right to publish or not publish received material, and will inform all contributors of decisions made.  The same general submission guidelines (below) used for themed issues apply to more general submissions.

Editorial Board

There are opportunities available for volunteer editors, regular contributors, and anyone who wants to put some energy in to help grow Man, Alive! into a vibrant, interactive on-line journal.  Most of this can be done from the comfort and convenience of your own on-line desktop.  Please contact via Email if you are interested.

Submission Guidelines

We welcome all submissions relevant to men’s lives as outlined above.  Please send submissions in Microsoft Word Document (DOC or DOCX) format if possible.  Contributors who use other word processing systems and cannot convert to the preferred format may submit in whatever form they have available.  Please inform us in the accompanying Email the particular program you use for your writings.  If we cannot convert it successfully to a format we can use, we will let you know about it.

Please avoid multi-column or other page-layout type formats as they make document review and assembly more difficult.  If photographs or other illustrations are included in your document, we also ask that you submit them separately in .jpg or .tiff format.

If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can send text submissions in the body of an email (or as an attachment) and attach photos and artwork as .jpg or .tiff files. Please limit your submission to 1500 words or less, and submit as attachments in an email to  Please do not submit writings as Acrobat PDFs, Microsoft XPS or other non-editable document formats.

Because of the new all on-line character of Man, Alive!, we will no longer routinely accept “hard copy” printed submissions chiefly because of the difficulties and labor involved in translation into an electronic format.  Should you have something to contribute that is only in paper format, please contact Vittorio LaCerva via Email ( and arrange for delivery of your contribution.  There will be notable delays because of logistics in publication of material submitted only as hard copy.

We reserve the right to publish or not publish submissions. We also reserve the right to edit submissions. All copyright reverts to the author on publication. No fees are paid to authors, and no submissions will be returned.

The Future of Man, Alive! is in your hands

Man, Alive! will grow online as submissions are received.  All material published will be open to comments, and comments are encouraged.  Anyone submitting comments must be registered as a subscriber to; see the section of this website “About NMMW.ORG” for what you need to do to register and post comments.

The future of Man, Alive! as a print publication is currently unsure.  If we receive sufficient online submissions of material and there is a strong demonstrated interest for production of a “hard copy” publication (and sufficient volunteer talent to assemble it) Man, Alive! may rise again as a paper publication.

For now, we encourage you to embrace the interactive immediacy of online publication, let the creative juices flow and contribute, comment and be, Man, Alive!