The first all online edition of Man Alive! is now available on this New Mexico Men’s Wellness website.  Here is the direct link that will open this page in a new window on your web browser:

Summer 2009 Edition of Man Alive!

You might ask, “What is the purpose of this post?” The answer is, this post is to provide a place for you (the men of NM Men’s Wellness) to post your feedback, comments, suggestions, bitches, gripes or other musings promoted or provoked by the materials in this issue.  All you need to post a comment is register with the site (look at the post at “About” for the details about exactly how to do this) and the add your comment in the box below.  If you have posted a comment previously, it will appear immediately.  If this is your first comment, it will appear as soon as it is validated by your Webmaster (usually within 24 hours or less).

The online publication is looking for contributions.  Check out the Man Alive! Information page for how you can become an author and share your work with your fellow men.  We look forward to hearing from you.