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NMMW Summer Gathering 2016

THE NATURE OF NATURE   Spirit, Energy, Vitality and the Tao of camping on planet Earth Modern culture, and in particular American society, practically if not always explicitly, regards professional achievement, wealth, material goods, power, and fame as desirable and admirable.  Taoists, both ancient and modern, view these things as insignificant and irrelevant to true happiness and well being. ... [Read more]

Father-Daughter Gathering has been postponed

The 2016 Father Daughter Gathering has been postponed until 2017 because of insufficient registration.  We will add information on this website as it becomes available. Mr. Edward Bear (Pooh) cordially invites you to: “Have a Little Faith in Me”  Now We’re All Grown Up, What Can We Give To & What Do We Need From Each Other?  The Annual Father/Daughter Gathering Ghost Ranch, New Mexico May... [Read more]

NMMW Spring Retreat April 8-10, 2016

We Are Our Stories   Fire Ceremony (photo by Joseph Woods) Registration for the Spring Retreat has closed on April 3. 15th Annual New Mexico Men’s Wellness Spring Retreat April 8-10, 2016 This year’s Spring Retreat is at Hummingbird Music Camp just north of Jemez Springs, New Mexico.  Rees Bevan and Doug Booth are leading this year. OVERVIEW We cordially invite the men of New Mexico... [Read more]

Winter Gathering, Feb 25-29

27th Annual NM Men’s Wellness Winter Gathering Because of cancellations, there are currently a couple of spots open. February 25 – 29, 2016 Gratitude Uwe Schroeter and Lawrence Cook “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” ― Author Unknown “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause... [Read more]

Save the dates! NMMW Events in 2016

We have dates for all of our scheduled events in 2016, and will update this page with details (and links to more information) as they become available. Email addresses and some phone numbers for the leaders are included for those in need of more information before web pages are available. Winter Gathering at Cook’s Cabin in Southwestern Colorado February 25-29, 2016 Theme: Gratitude Contact:... [Read more]

Review of the 30th NMMW Fall Conference

THE 30TH NEW MEXICO MEN’S WELLNESS FALL CONFERENCE WITH THE THEME OF “FRIENDSHIP: MEN IN COMMUNITY”  OCTOBER 23-26, 2014 The 30th New Mexico Men’s Wellness Conference was held October 23-26, 2014 at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico.  Over the four days the theme of “Friendship – Men in Community” was explored in depth from many perspectives.  Almost a quarter of the men participating... [Read more]

Qigong Information Available

For many years Doug Booth has been offering a great morning practice of Qigong to participants in most NMMW gatherings (Spring, Summer and Fall).  Many, many men who have done the practice with Doug have requested some information about the movements to make it easier for them to practice on their own.  After searching his archives, Doug has located the original materials from his teacher that describe... [Read more]

NMMW Website Has Moved!

New Mexico Men’s Wellness’ website has moved and now has a new primary website address: http://www.nmmw.org.  Most site visitors and regulars shouldn’t notice any changes (since the original addresses will automatically forward), but some of the Email forwards to “webmaster” and “announcements” may take a few days to get any bugs worked out.  NMMW wishes... [Read more]

A Blog from the 2011 Spring Retreat

New Mexico Men’s Wellness Spring Retreat April 15th-17th, 2011 By Manuel Tafoya (This post is Manuel’s written recording of his experiences at the 2011 Spring retreat.  Unless noted otherwise, photos were taken by Uwe Schroeter; Joseph Woods and Jim Connolly also provided a few images.  Most images are small “thumbnails”; to see the larger image, click on the thumbnail image.) Friday,... [Read more]

NMMW’s Men’s Group Exchange

Men’s Support Groups are at the core of what New Mexico Men’s Wellness is all about.  We have developed an online “exchange” by which Support Groups looking for new Men in the area (mostly Albuquerque and Santa Fe but with some groups in Las Cruces and Southwestern Colorado) can be matched with men who are looking for support groups.  To find out more about this effort and... [Read more]

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